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what branch of government does the military fall under?

executive, judicial or legislative?

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    Yes, the Executive. The Department of Defense is a cabinet-level department headed by the Secretary of Defense and contains the Dept. of the Navy (and Marine Corps), Dept. of the Army, and the Dept. of the Air Force. The Coast Guard falls under the Dept. of Homeland Security which is also a cabinet-level department of the Executive branch.

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    The executive!


    secretary of defense

    they are both advised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Advisor

    Edit: The Coast Guard only falls under the Department of Homeland Security during peace time. Durine war time it falls under the Department of the Navy which is where the Marine Corps falls under.

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    All Departments including the defense department fall under the executive branch.

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    listed lower than are the branches. The Marine Corps is element of the army branch. The Coast preserve is now element of the dept of position of beginning safe practices. it really is in trouble-free terms element of the army in the time of a global conflict: u . s . a . military u . s . a . army u . s . a . Marine Corps u . s . a . Air rigidity u . s . a . Coast preserve nationwide preserve Air nationwide preserve. military Reserve army Reserve Marine Corps Reserve Air rigidity Reserve Coast preserve Reserve. The branches I listed are those known by ability of the dept of protection, not by ability of the yankee Broadcasting company or the educate "Duel".

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    i think executive because the President is the Commander in Chief

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    Well the commander in chief is the President so I guess it would be the executive.

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    The President is comander in Chief, However Congress funds the military. The President can declare war but it may not be funded by Congress... Like what happened a few years ago.

    Source(s): Constitution
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    The military isn't a branch of the government.

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