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Fantasy Football Quarterback (2008-2009) week 2?

I lost Tom Brady this week to a football injury. Scrambling for quarterbacks, I managed to scrunge together Matt Schaub, Chad Pennington, and Matt Cassel. Who should I start this week (is there anyone I should go for in the long term?) This week, Schaub is playing Baltimore, Pennington is playing Arizona, and Cassel is playing the jets. Is it worth going for Favre in a trade (giving away chris chambers and Kevin Smith for Edgerrin James and Favre)?


I did not give up favre, idiot. i am trying to trade for him

Update 2:

My other wide receivers are Marvin Harrison, Santonio Holmes (starting). I also have Desean jackson, Ronald Curry, and Steve Smith (NYG) sitting on the bench. one of those would fill in for Chambers if I traded him for favre.

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    Going for Favre wouldnt be a bad choice, but i say wait out these games and see how the QB's you picked up do.

    so far out of those three quarterbacks i would start matt cassel because he's got good recievers and a nice offensive line. and he's against the JETS WHO SUCK.

    but in all seriousness i would start cassel and if he doesnt do too well, then i would look into the favre trade

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    By all means, if you can make that trade, DO IT.

    If not, don't panic and make any crazy trades for a mid level QB. Go with Cassel because of the time he'll have to throw and the receivers to throw to. I think he deserves a couple weeks to see how he'll do.

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    First off - to the guy that called you dumb "for giving up Farve" - READ THE QUESTION IDIOT!! He was talking about trading FOR Farve, which by the way would be a good idea depening on who your other receivers are. Otherwise I would start Cassel. He is unproven but look what Moss did for Culpepper...

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    You may also want to look into Tavares Jackson. Yeah, everyone says he sux but he was a top 5 qb in points last week, in most leagues. Otherwise, I would take Matt Schaub.

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    do that trade for now just use pennington this week

  • all three ar not that good ........ y would u give up favre thats dumb ur probably the worst fantasy guy ever

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