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Is lois lowry working on any new books?

i would really like to know if she working on a another book to go with the giver trilogy.

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    Here is a list of Lois Lowry's novels:

    A Summer to Die, 1977.

    Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye, 1978.

    Anastasia Krupnik, 1979.

    Autumn Street, 1979.

    Anastasia Again!, 1981.

    Anastasia at Your Service, 1982.

    Taking Care of Terrific, 1983.

    Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst, , 1984.

    Us and Uncle Fraud, 1984.

    The One Hundredth Thing about Caroline, 1985.

    Anastasia on Her Own, , 1985.

    Switcharound, , 1985.

    Anastasia Has the Answers, 1986.

    Rabble Starkey, Houghton Mifflin , 1987.

    Anastasia's Chosen Career, , 1987.

    All about Sam, 1988.

    Number the Stars, Houghton Mifflin 1989, reprinted, 2005.

    Your Move, J.P.!, 1990.

    Anastasia at This Address, , 1991.

    Attaboy, Sam!, 1992.

    The Giver, 1993.

    Anastasia, Absolutely, 1995.

    See You Around, Sam!, 1996.

    Stay!: Keeper's Story, 1997.

    Looking Back: A Book of Memories, 1998.

    Zooman Sam, 1999.

    Gathering Blue, 2000.

    Gooney Bird Greene, 2002.

    The Silent Boy, 2003.

    The Messenger, 2004.

    Gooney Bird and the Room Mother, 2005.

    Gossamer, 2006.

    Gooney the Fabulous, 2007.

    The Willoughbys, 2008

    For more information about Lois Lowry and her publications, visit

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Contemporary Authors Who's Who
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    Oh, wow, Cloverheart. Way to make a full of yourself.

    SHE writes at least one book a year, I know.

    And 1993 was NOT a long time ago.

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    um.. I think he is dead...

    i'm not sure, but the giver was printed a long time ago; not very recent.

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