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I was a child of the 90's! Were you? Do you think the 90's was the best decade to grow up in?

I loved the 90's! Ok, I was born in 88, but I was still a "child of the 90's"! I just think the 90's were cool because it was the end of a millenium and the big finalé of the 20th Century of discovery; invention and modern life as we know it! It was the beginning of computers/Microsoft/Internet, the sort of technology we take for granted today & most of all, it was historical: the end of a millenium of evolution and discovery (electricity; technology; cars; planes; etc.) & the start of a new era and millenium - the 21st Century! Here are the top 5 reasons I'm proud to be a child of the 90's: (anyone agree?)

1) INTERNET! YAY!!! Internet was invented in 1991 & thanks to Bill Gates/Microsoft & the likes, we're online right now & will be for yrs to come! Lapotp's and Computers were officially developing in the 90's!

2) Film: Jumanji; Schindler's List; American Beauty (1999); Titanic; Edward Scissorhands; Saving Private Ryan; Ghost; My Left Foot; Pretty Woman; A Few Good Men; Forrest Gump; The Silence Of The Lambs; Basic Instinct; Groundhog Day; The English Patient; Natural Born Killers; Mrs. Doubtfire; Four Weddings and a Funeral; The Fugitive; Pulp Fiction; True Lies; Speed; Independence Day; Liar Liar; The Shawshank Redemption; Leaving Las Vegas; Interview With The Vampire; Braveheart; Tomorrow Never Dies; Mission Impossible; Golden Eye; Trainspotting; Twister; The First Wives Club; A Time To Kill; As Good As It Gets; Hook; Misery; Deep Blue Sea; Men In Black; The Lost World; There's Something About Mary; Scream; LA Confidential; Ace Ventura; Batman; Elizabath; Armageddon; The Matrix; Shakespeare In Love; Run Lola Run; The Phantom Menace; The Lion King; Eyes Wide Shut; The Sixth Sense; Sleepy Hollow; The Blair Witch Project; The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring; The Mummy & the dawn of CGI & animatronic films such as Babe; Antz; A Bugs Life & of course, Toy Story! The 90's was the birth of Special Effects as we know them today & stars such as Julia Roberts; Johnny Depp; Leonardo DiCaprio; Reese Witherspoon; Tim Burton; Kate Beckinsale; Cate Blanchett; Catherine Zeta Jones; Pierce Brosnan; Ben Stiller; Jim Carrey; Owen Wilson; Kristin Scott Thomas; Helen Hunt; Hugh Grant; Ewen McGregor; Nicole Kidman; Halle Berry; Neil Jordan; Danny Boyle; Adam Ball; Kate Winslett; Uma Thurman & Will Smith all kick-started their careers in the 90's - what a decade for Film!!!

3) Music: Tina; Jacko; Céline; Whitney; Bon Jovi; Madonna; U2; Shaniah; Garth; The Stones; Nirvana; Janet; Boys II Men; Annie Lennox; Sting; Pavarotti; Chér; Bryan Adams; Aerosmith; The Prodigy & Prince were all alive & kickin' during the 90's, with Kylie; The Spice Girls; Bjork; Justin; Mariah; Alicia; Beyoncé; Westlife; Boyzone; Robbie WIlliams; Take That; Oasis & Alanis Morissette all kicking off their careers! Songs such as Chér's "Believe"; "My Heart Will Go On" (Céline Dion/Titanic); Madonna's "Vogue"; "Live & Let Die (Guns N' Roses); "I Will Always Love You" (Whitney Houston); Elton John's "Candle In The Wind"; "That's The Way Love Goes" (Janet Jackson); "Hero" & "One Sweet Day" (Mariah Carey); Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing"; "Simply The Best" (Tina Turner) & Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" were all anthems of the 90's too!

4) T.V.: FRIENDS!!!; Seinfeld; The Simpsons; Ricki Lake; Have I GOt News For You; Suddenly Susan; The Big Breakfast; E.R. & Baywatch were all born in the 90's!

5) Historical People & Events: Sydney Olympics (lead-up to it); Harry Potter; Dolly The Sheep; Riverdance; Bill & Hill; Nelson Mandella's Release; Daeth of Freddie Mercury & Kurt Cobain (R.I.P.); Birth of the DVD; Mobile/Cell Phones; Apollo Space Missions; Death of Princess Diana (R.I.P.); Collapse of the Berlin Wall; Venus & Serena; Pete Samprass; David Beckham; Tim Henman; Birth of "The Sims"; Opening of Disneyland Paris; Michael Jordan; Mount St. Helens; Tiger Woods; Cindy Crawford; Hubble Space Telescope; Reality T.V.; Opening of Channel Tunnel; The Euro; New Year's Eve 1999 & the most brazen, amazing, thrilling, stupendous & hillarious thing of the 1990's:.......................................................................................

(Drum Roll).................................................................................

Monica Lewinsky!!!

(I mean, come on - was that huge or WHAT?!?)

So, who agree's the 90's KICKED ***???

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    Oh I do miss the nineties:

    When light up sneakers were COOL, when you rented videos, and not DVDs, when parties meant party hats, party poppers, pass the parcel, blowing out candles on your birthday cake and musical statues, fake tatoos, when you would do rolley polleys all over the field at playtime, when you slid down the stairs in your sleeping bag over and over again even when your bum got sore, when Crash Bandicoot was the best game, when wearing summer dresses, shorts and sandles to school was so exciting, when the playtimes during summer seemed to last for ages, when everyone had a pair of skipping ropes even the lads, when spice girls were THE BEST, hide-n-Seek after school till it got dark, hula hoops, telling scary stories at sleepovers, midnight feasts when you had to turn off all the lights and get the torches out at 9pm at night, the Nano Pets & Furbies, running through the sprinklers, remember when santa, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny were all so REAL!!, the first TAMAGOCHI"s and Yo-Yo"s, Pokemon! (Need I say more?), crying when Mufasa died in the Lion King, happy Meals where you chose a Barbie or a Hot Wheels car, getting the privilege to sit in the front seat of the car, those little Milk cartoons, with a straw, watching Saturday Morning Cartoons in your PJ's still wrapped up in your duvet, the Teletubbies, Pinky and the brain, the adventures of Winnie the pooh, wearing your new shoes on the first day of school, getting a certificate in assembly, then when you rang up your grandparents to tell them you couldn't say the word certificate, class trips to the zoo, LEGO, when Christmas was the most exciting time of year, when 50p seemed like a million, when you begged to go to McDonalds for tea, and when Toys R Us ruled!

    My god, the 90's are so memorable. I miss being an innocent little kid, not worrying about anything and not having a care in the world.

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    Born in 80 made the 90's my teenager yrs and yes the 90's rocked. I also love the 80's as well since it was my childhood yrs. But back to the 90s great movies n music cartoons n the t.v. shows were the best in that decade seinfeld, fresh prince, martin, friends, married with children, in the house, boy meets world, family matters, growing pains, full house, dinosaurs, perfect strangers, step by step. Movies goodfellas, donnie brasco, rush hour, sandler films, carlito's way, scream, i know what u did last summer, it, halloween h20, braveheart, fight club silence of the lambs just to name a few. MUSIC liked creed, green day, metallica, smashing pumpkins, guns n roses, def leppard, bon jovi, mobb deep, nas , wutang, bone thugs, n.w.a, kci n jojo, 112, rkelly, boys 2 men lol the list goes on. simpsons, ren n stimpy, pinky n the brain, double dare, duck tales lol it was all good stuff back then. I get so nostalgic over the 90's n 80's. If i could hop into the delorean n go back there n stay forever it would be great.

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    I was born in '92. Best stuff was hanging out with my siblings. Listening to Selena before she died and some of the best hip-hop. Watching some of the best shows, like Recess, In Living Color, Wayans Bro's, etc. Remember "One Saturday Morning" with Disney? I also remember eating a lot of Moon Pies for some reason lol Anyways, I had a great childhood so I enjoyed the 90's very much. Edit: I agree with you Michael, however, I remember the majority of the items of your list. I remember more of my early childhood, rather than 6 years and beyond. Great list, btw, bc it made me nostalgic. :-) I have many great memories from them.

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    I was born in 1991 and I feel like I was totally born in the wrong decade. I wish I had been born in the 1960's so i could of been an adult or teen in the 80's because that's when all the music i love was around.

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    I was in high school and college in the 90s. It was cool but I think the 80s was really cool too. I saw some of that. I was born in the 70s.

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    Hell yeah man! The 90's were the BEST. Best music, movies, everything! Best time for teen slasher flicks! :) Friends. Björk. Nirvana. Riot Grrrls. Spice Girls! *starts to daydream of the past* Ahhh....those were the times.

    Oh & GAK! I freakin' LOVED Gak. I have a blue Gak stain on the top of my front porch ceiling still. :)

    Source(s): Born in the late 80's, grew up in the 90's!
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    Agree! The 90's kicked a**, Don't forget Salt n Pepa ~ I loved them!!!!

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    I only wished I was born in the early or mid eighties instead of 92, so I could have appreciated the nineties a bit more :)

    I agree on all of it, though I would add Blur to the list of music :)

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