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Boxing/ MMA: Heavy Bag problems?? HELP!!?

I have a heavy bag, and i used to train like 3 times a week (i do it for the workout, i only have basic boxing training). But now i started to train almost everyday using gloves similar to the ones in UFC and hand wraps... The problem is this: Every time i finish i have a bad soreness between the pinkie and ring finger, near theknuckless... i only have it there, in my right hand I'mm right handed) I ve trieddifferenttwrappingss, different punches, it always gets sored, is this normal??? can i do anything about it??

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    Work your punches more for correct form than power for a while. You are more than likely throwing your hook with your elbow too low, and throwing it too far to the front of the bag - the elbow being low is causing the mid-finger knuckle to buckle under by making contact before the "punching" knuckle. And the shortness of the hook is putting a lot of pressure on the outside of the hand (the pinkie knuckle and tendon beside it.)

    Try standing a little closer to the bag on your hook - this will cause your inside knuckle (pointing finger) to make contact first. And lift the elbow to be parallel to the fist - this will cause the correct knuckle to make contact first. A hook should ideally be a relatively close, inside punch. Exaggerate that fact, and you will more than likely diminish the soreness and stress on the outer knuckles.

    In the mean time, ice the hand after you hit the heavy bag - it could take a couple of weeks for the tendon damage to repair, so lighten up the punches overall and work on form. If you really want to hit hard, put on some gloves over the wraps for a while and bang away!

    Hope that helps.

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    It is normal to a degree, your hands aren't used to the abuse. If you are getting soreness there that from the outside looking in would tell me you are hitting with the lower part of your fist instead of the center.

    Slow down a little make sure form is proper and give it time. Try icing them afterwards and doing push ups on your knuckles, close fist position.

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    before everything stop hitting the bag on the instant! Secondly in case you have by no skill had first hand preparation on a thank you to artwork a heavy bag from a valid coach then get some till now proceeding. learn how to wrap your arms and stop employing combat gloves to hit the bag. i could additionally recommend making an investment in a knuckle shield. 8 or 10oz gloves are combat gloves, they are no longer meant for bag artwork. Get your self some genuine bag gloves or training gloves, 14oz a minimum of! in my view considering the fact which you're already experiencing soreness i could advise purely flow with training gloves as they in many situations come better length than are accessible for bag gloves, and you will locate them in lace up for extra wrist stability. Be very warned, you won't be feeling the full consequences of the wear and tear you're doing to your wrists till later in existence. Take my suggestion and lay off the heavy bag artwork till you have observed the stairs I laid out.

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    i would assume that it is from your right hook. Depending on how you are hitting. You can hit either with the TOP of your hand up, or your thumb up. Try doing both...i used to have the problem as well. and try to hit with your index finger/middle can also try wrapping your hand differently, or double wrapping.

    hope this helps.


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    pain in that location means you aren't striking properly. hit with your index and middle knuckles, maybe a little on the ring. Never hit with your pinkie knuck. You'll break the metacarpal.

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