tap/filtered water or bottled?

I would rather have tap or filtered because it is usually safer than bottled...a lot of bottled is city water anyway. Also, the bottles are a huge problem in landfills/

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    Most tap water is safe to drink. But the choice between tap and filtered water depends on the quality of water inside your home.

    I said "inside your home" because your municipal water may be the best around but that does not guarantee that the water from your faucet is as clean as your municipal water.

    The fact that a municipal water wins the annual water tasting contest does not mean the water inside your home will have the same quality.

    Why? Your pipe may be old and leach chemical into your water. There is what is called "bacterial regrowth" which happens within some water supply systems. Water supply may become contaminated within the distribution systems before it gets to your house.

    Also, chlorine and/or fluoride may be added to your water supply which you may not like.

    My take is, tap water IF you test your water and it's clean; filtered water if you desire a better quality and refreshing water, or if you want to remove fluoride and/or chlorine.

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    Tap water is safe enough for us to drink. It could be much better but because only a small portion of it is consumed then it is not good to do a much better job on cleaning it.

    A filter is very basic and will improve taste and odor only. They do very little for any health related issues that are often still in our tap water.

    Bottled water is from the tap too unless it is spring water. It is still filtered or even purified though. This makes it safer than tap water. But you are right. It costs more and created problems. Not everyone recycles like they should. Even so... Why spend resources recycling if we do not have to buy it in the first place.

    I drink tap water but I use a home purification system. I use the highest rated system. Only distilled water is cleaner. Plus by year two it costs less per gallon for me to purify my water than those Britta and Pur filters cost. Plus the filters have to be changed constantly and in the system I use it only has to be changed once a year. That is even more beneficial for land fill issues. I seriously don't know why people waste money on them Purs and Brittas.

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    I agree, most municipal water supplies are completely safe and are tested on a daily basis to make sure they stay that way.

    Today was recycling day in my neighbourhood and walking past the houses I can't tell you how many people had large bags FULL of empty water bottles sitting out for pickup.

    Why pay for what you can get free? (well, almost free, we do pay water bills here, lol)

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    Filtered water...

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    All of them. water is water to me.

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    1 decade ago

    tap. because its cheaper.

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