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BILL OREILLY, and DAVID LETTERMAN gave OBAMA great praise last night, can the GOP top that ?

No. Why? Because they know as soon as the Sarah Palin hype die

down, it is game over for her. Especially when the debates take place. They are going to eat her for breakfast ! Ha, ha. I cannot wait.

AND we all know the recent polls are phony. Only dummies believe

polls. Anyway. The Democrats outnumber the GOP 4 to 1. So I would be very worried if I was a GOPer. Anyway. Did you guys see

Barack on David Letterman, and on Bill O this week. They love

this man !!! And the crowd gave him a lot of good feedback. Unlike

the loser squad, of McCain and Palin. Boring. Her hype is dying down. The people in the audiences looked at her like she did not know

what she was talking about. And this was in the lower 48 states.

Read between the lines you Republicans. Obama will make a huge

comeback, as always. What do you think about that ?


2 prominent and powerful White Males.

In the entertainment industry. And very

influential too. Oh, it aint over yet.

The McCain/ Palin ticket is losing its

edge. I can smell it. The big 3 networks

will see to it, that Obama wins this election ! Can you say CBS, NBC, AND

ABC. And FOX !! It is over for the Republicans............

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    As long as Karl Rove is writing her speeches, she'll be entertaining the Conservatives, while Barack bashes away at McCain's lies. McCain is just another George Bush, and we all know it. Anyone who's dumb enough to think this campaign shouldn't be about issues shouldn't be allowed to vote. Conservatives LOVE their convenient short term memory loss.

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    Yawn. No offense, but people with common sense realized long ago that the media are not even remotely fair and impartial and someone bought them out in Obama's favor long ago, including the entertainment media.

    The GOP doesn't need to top that because their constituents don't value empty fluff and know better than to trust the media with important decisions.

    The snake oil salesman was popular once too.

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    LoL sounds like the rants of a losing man to me!

    Its funny... A lot of democrats have been attacking Palin and many have had to submit public apologies for their statements. Seems the democratic party has been doing a lot of back peddling. But then again... with supporters of presidents that do not know what the definition of "is" is... what can you expect huh?

    A good read -

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    It replaced into organic comedy! I enjoyed it! incredible! bear in mind that comedians like to %. on politicians and McCain screwed over Letterman. that's trouble-free retaliation. McCain's integrity replaced into referred to as into question by way of blatantly mendacity. I fell asleep in between the business breaks-what replaced into Paris Hilton's point of view?! Lol!!!

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    Noone cares about letterman.

    And how bout a post for oreillys great praise? besides there opinions. and opinions are like A holes. Everyone has one and you know the rest.

    Get someone like Ben Stein, and i may be impressed.

    Otherwise i can care less what a reporter or hollywood says.

    I choose based off what i learn. not like liberals who chose based on what the media and boob toob tells em to choose.

    BTW, this a rant or a question?

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    Bill O'Reilly is a moderate he has stated that many times before. But believe me he sways more toward the conservative side based on his principles.

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    Bill OReilly is a fair and decent guy, he interviewed Obama and give him the respect that comes with being a US Senator, but he did not let Obama off the hook, that had to be the toughest interview Obama ever had, and it showed.

    McCain Palin

    Experience we need

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    Uh are there people out there that care what Letterman thinks?

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    I too am hanging on the debates. they will show her up for what she is - a pea brained puppet with a limited though impressive range of movement.

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    I hope so. I like Obama. I've never voted before but I think this year I will.

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