What's an easy, FUN way to teach a kid their multiplication tables?

I was bad at math as a kid because nobody made it fun for me.....Now I'm babysitting one of my friend's kids & I'm supposed to help him learn his multiplication tables.... 6-8

Do any of you know of any fun ways to teach him???


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    Use flashcards to get them to memorize them. This is the BEST way ever. That's the secret: memorization. You can get them to go against each other to make it a game. They compete and you can give them incentive prizes to make it more fun.

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    Well for a kid thats learning 0-12 multiplication, 6,7,8 can be the hardest of all.

    So for 6- if you multiply 6 by an even number, they both end in the same digit. Example: 6×2=12, 6×4=24, 6×6=36.

    For 7- there aren't too many tricks for 7....

    For 8- all I really got is this rhyme, 8 and 8 fell on the floor when theygot up they were 64. 8 times 8 equals 64.

    So I probably didn't help too much but good luck.

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    Knowing that multiplication is repetitive addition is an essential skill for learning mathematics. I would start there. Work with having your child place objects into arrays. For example, use toy cars. Make 3 rows of 2, show how 3 + 3=6 and then explain 3 x 2 = 6, then make 2 rows of 3, explaining 2 x 3 = 6 also. Skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, etc... is also a good way to begin to understand multiplication. Good luck.

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    i always used to make up songs to remember things when i was a kid. its fun and you dont really remember that you are doing work.

    or use m&ms. like say youre doing 4 x 4. put four groups of four candies, and that way they can actually see the amount and not just the numbers.

    hope i helped!

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    My sister just taught me this way. It's pretty cool. Hold up your ten fingers and do this:

    Example 9x8: Count to eight on your fingers and put the 8th finger down - you'll be left with 7 fingers before and 2 fingers after the down finger = 72!

    She said it works for all the tables...I haven't tried it on all of them...I did think it was pretty cool though.

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    reward kids who practice their multiplication tables with candy. or have contests where you have two kids, and you ask them both a multiplication question like......5 times 3 and the first one to answer wins a jelly baby or something

    Source(s): when i was a kid in primary school
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    make a song what does 6X1 = six

    and 6X2 = come on you knowww it 12 that's right 12 and now what does

    6X3 = 18 18 one more time 6x3 = 18

    and so and so if that doesn't work make flash cards ,i had roller blade ones :) good luck

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    have you and the child make a multiplication table together...kind of like a art project. they will get interested right off the bat. they are proud of themselves when they can use something that they helped make.

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    Make a game of it; children learn the most through play...

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