How do i access my remote desktop?

I have set up remote desktop on my computer but i can't seem to find it from another computer. Do i need to invite the remote computer? If so what's the point if i can' access it from any computer?


Thank you gentleman

Update 2:

I'm running a wireless desktop connection it goes to the router and then modem hope this is what you wanted to know

Update 3:

I'don't have a network running so i am trying to access it from out side of a network (man i must sound dumb). I want to be able to access my computer from any in the world. I have set it up as the host but this is my 1st attempt at accessing it from the remote computer. I put the computer name in but it can't seem to find it so i think i haven't turned on the host computer's take in data (layman's term). Thanks again for your answers!

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    Well, remote access requires that your computer have the ports open (firewall and router if any) to allow another machine to connect. So just enabling remote desktop won't allow others to connect, particularly from OUTSIDE the local area.

    If you tell us how you are attempting to connect, from outside or inside your network, and whether you have a router, modem, etc we can probably be of more help.

    Fist, you have to be sure everything to HOST remote desktop is setup.

    Second, you do need to allow access to all the programs in your firewall.

    Third, you need to have the remote ports open (if you have a router) and wish to reach your machine from outside the LAN.

    Here is a good article on the whole setup

    What you use to connect is also important. The above method uses a browser.

    You can also use programs link RealVNC or GoToMyPC which many find easier to setup.

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    You must be running Windows Xp Pro. Go to start>control panels>performace and maintenance>system. Write down the full computer name i.e. bobhouse.workgroup (only bobhouse). Go to the Remote Tab and make sure to enable Remote Desktop and add the users that you want to give access to your computer. Open up Remote Desktop on other computer and type in the name of your computer bobhouse under computer and hit ok enter username and pass and hit ok.

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  • 6 years ago

    Try take more than three years. Fast, and most importantly safe program for remote management of computers. Advantages of high speed, reliable security system.

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    You can also get a free program called teamviewer that is a nice program for remote connections. Very easy to setup.

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