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Do you think that Alabama has a good defense? I mean they have not had a touchdown scored on them yet.?

They held Clemson to no offensive touchdowns, and they also held Tulane to no touchdowns. I mean can I expect them to continue this or is this just a luck thing? I myself think that they have a great defense. Also if you dont mind me asking, but what do you think there record be?

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    You are right they have not allowed an offensive touchdown to be scored while they have been on defense... i think that they can keep this streak going into the Georgia game but it will end there... the GA game will be a hard one for us to pull off but it can be done.

    I say they will loose to GA (maybe) and LSU (maybe).. i look for them to be in the hunt for the SEC West title and play in Atlanta in December...

    The best scenario- 11-1

    Worst Scenario- 9-3 (they could loose a no brainer like Ole Miss who always plays Bama tough)

    Just my thoughts...

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    The defense is playing really well but in order to keep playing at this level they need to offense to start play better it's hard to keep these numbers when they are on the field all the time. I hope last week was a wake up call to the offense and they play better this week. I believe they have a chance to have a very solid year if they can work out these wrinkles. I believe there record will be 9-3 even though I'm hoping for 13-0.

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    There defense is very good, but not great. Wait until we get into our SEC schedule. Our defense will be exposed quick. We should finish up the season about 8-4 or 9-3.

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    I will give them Clemson. But still they really have not played that many very great teams yet. Wait until they get into the SEC schedule.

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  • they have good defense as for their record i don't know

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    Alabama is back! ROLL TIDE!!!

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