how long can you store tap water for in plastic bottles?

eg old fruit juice 1 litre plastic bottles if i fill with tap water and put the plastic top back long could the water inside still be ok to drink?? what would make it go off???


ok lets say i pour boling water in forst to sterilise them, the put tap water in ( for storing stuff incase of water supplys cut eg terrorist attack) then how long will water be ok eg 10months? any why 10months what happens to water after that time..details please thanks

Update 2:

ps stored at room temp or outside in say a garage so colder in winter

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  • u1corn
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    1 decade ago
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    are you storing it in refrigerator or room temp?

    they say not to reuse some plastic bottle - because of Bactria can build -up.

    (I have a bottle of water in the car - the problem - boils in summer / freeze in winter.)

  • Abby
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    5 years ago

    When potable water is properly stored, it should have an indefinite shelf life; however, it’s a good idea to use and replace the stored water every 6 – 12 months. Rotating water this way provides you with an opportunity to experiment and check the amount of stored water against what you require. It also serves as an additional precaution against bacteria or viruses growing in containers which may not have been thoroughly or properly cleaned and sanitized. If you have freezer space, storing some water in the freezer is a good idea. If you lose electricity, the frozen water will help keep foods in your freezer frozen until the power is restored. Make sure you leave 2 to 3 inches of space in containers because water expands as it freezes

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    you have to be kidding me right? First of all you NEVER put boiling water into plastic it has been all over the news and never stick water bottle from the tore int he freezer something happen to the chemicals in the plastic when the temp changes that drastically Never re-use those type of water bottles go to wal-mart or something like that and buy a good quality bottle if you need to.... water also has a expirey look on the water bottles you buy there IS a expirery date on even those..... Best best bet is to do what my grandmother does.... clean with soap and water then rinse well with boiling water glass jars and fill them with boiling water let them cool to room temp. put the lids on and freeze them...... remember glass jars only....(safest bet ) and freeze the water filled jars.....Good luck with this project !

  • 1 decade ago

    Any leftover bacteria from the previous liquid in the bottle could create mold inside, no matter how clean you think it is. A new, unopened bottle of water will be fine to drink for up to 10 months after being bottled. If you're going to reuse ANY bottles, reuse water bottles, not juice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some plastics are known to leech chemicals into the water. For your own safety I'd stick to glass just to be on the safe side

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