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How do portals work on websites?

I have no idea about the terminology of this so I am just going to explain what I am thinking and hope someone understands what I am getting at.

Is there a term to describe one website that has different portals that can access their personalised page and add certain information (but cannot access anyone elses information added), but then also allow sub-portals (im guessing) to access that personalised site.

sort of like website ----> portal to personalised information---> portal to view information. But they cannot access horizontally. I heard the term vertical portals which I was hoping described this. The only examples I can think of that might relate is like student portals to unis or colleges to go about desiging that?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do here but...

    Do you mean a user should be able to create their own "home page" and then allow others to access it?

    Or do you want to control the top level portals and then specify users access to those sections of your site?

    Either way, do you actually want to try to write this yourself or will a pre-written system do the trick for you? Or is it just conceptual information you are looking for?

    Have a look at - it has many features that you may require and is free to use. You can even set up a test site to play with.

    If you want to use it for your own web site, you'll need web hosting that supports ASP.NET & SQL Server (fairly cheap and very easy to find) and you will also probably want your own domain name.


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