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Primary document concerning Loyalist?

I am writing a position paper in my AP US class on the revolutionary war. I, however, cannot find any primary documents to warrant the loyalists. Could someone please point me to some strong loyalist primary documents? thank you

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    Well this first link is merely a listing of paper however if you go to a reputable University they ought to be able to procure many of the doments listed.

    ""Historical Resources Branch


    The War of American Independence


    Loyalist Participation

    Akers, Charles W. "New Hampshire's 'Honorary' Lieutenant Governor: John Temple and the American Revolution." Historical New Hampshire, 30 (Summer 1975), pp. 78-99.

    Allaire, Anthony. "Diary of Lieut. Anthony Allaire of Ferguson's Corps." In Lyman C. Draper, King's Mountain and Its Heroes (Cincinnati: Peter G. Thompson, 1881), pp.

    Andreano, Ralph Louis, and Herbert D. Warner. "Charleston Loyalists: A Statistical Note." South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, 60 (July 1959), pp. 164-168----------------------------------(and many many more)"

    I have always enjoyed this page will give link and snippet but there is much more....

    """Annapolis Royal

    Sept. 17, 1783

    Sir, -- By letters received this day from his excellency, the commander in chief, I find that it is his wish that the Provincial Regiments should be discharged as contiguous as possible to the lands on which they are to settle, for which purpose he desires me to communicate with your excellency, and to request that you would be pleased to determine the district of country where the different regiments are to be settled that they may be immediately ordered to their respective destinations. Those regiments which were embarking at New York are by the commander in chief's particular order to proceed immediately to the River St. Johns, and to take possession of that tract of land which your excellency has assigned the Provincial corps. The King's American Dragoons being already settled at that place it only remains that your excellency should point out places for the accommodation of the Fencible Americans commanded by Lieut. Col. Gorham, and the King's Orange Rangers commanded by Lieut. Col. Bayard. . . . I am also to make known to your excellency the commander in chief's earnest wish that you will be pleased to expedite the location of lands for the Refugees on the River St. Johns as soon as possible. I am also to acquaint your excellency of my intention to embark at this place tomorrow for the River St. Johns to carry into execution the commander in chief's orders relative to the Provincial corps and other matters of importance. . . .

    I have the honor to be

    Your excellency's humble serv't,

    H. E. Fox, Brig. Gen'l.

    His Excellency Gov. Parr."""

    another listing of source

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