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Towards understanding Ra’afidah beliefs--- (Part: I)?

I have been intrigued by certain of our shia’a pals, seeing as they quote from a book---and yet, when we bring quotes from the same one, they get rejected or reported.

So, I have reached the conclusion that my understanding of ur religion may be flawed in various aspects.

I have decided to seek ur valuable guidance in this matter. Please, do tell me which of ur authentic books can be found online? Can u provide me the links to those? I plan to read those, and then ask for ur explanation, my shia’a chums, if something doesn’t seem to fall into place. Does that sound all right?

Just to rout the misconceptions--- I shall make my queries in several separate questions. (this is the first one, the others shall come later, if Allah wills).

I sincerely hope that u shall oblige me with ur kind answers. Again, I hope that u won't choose to deny me the joy of finding undeviating, to-the-point answers.

I would like to let u know that this is my second account. My first one hasn't been suspended yet, but just in case...

Oh---and u may report this too, if it amuses u…I haven’t made double accounts for nothin’. Hail!


@fidrale---my friend, u ought to satisfy the inquiries I made on that page, so that I may not be held back by the fear of

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    Have seen them ,how they react if we ask simlpe question.

    One thing I always asked but never got a satisfactory response;

    They Call every muslim,who question their beliefs,Nasabi,wahabi .

    Unless you join their band and start beating the same drum as they beat.

    And adopt cursing and slandering Prophet's family and companion

    who loved prophet and also loved by him.

    When we ask them about collection of Hadith ,they avoid by saying that hadith is not reliable ,bcoz many alteration has been done and many false & fabricated stories r added .

    But when they want to prove their POV (i.e 12 imams masoom ) they depend on history which is the most unreliable source.

    One more thing ,u expecting truth from them ,

    Whose religion is bassed on falsehood (Taqiyyah)

    If they tell u the truth ,"THAT WILL BE THE END OF STORY"

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    compared to giving certain books a sparkling examine of authenticity (i.e. bukhari/muslim/and so on), we in trouble-free terms deem the Quran as actual. As for the books of hadith, each and each hadith is analyzed lower than our technological information of hadith and technological information of rijal. As for our maximum strong books of hadith, they're as follows: Usool al-Kafi - Sheikh Kulayni Tahdheeb al-Ahkam - Sheikh Tusi Al-Istibsar - Sheikh Tusi guy l. a. Yahduruh al-Faqih - Sheikh Sudooq those books are available in Arabic and possibly Farsi because compared to different colleges of theory, we reliaze that hadith can not be put in the palms of layman to misread. The study of hadith calls for information of Islamic Sciences. also an aspect observe on Bihar al Anwar. It became in simple terms a compilation by ability of Allamah Majlisi to maintain each hadith he ought to permitted to the Ahlulbayt (as). He himself states that his e book isn't meant to be an exact sequence yet really a renovation. determining the authenticity of the hadith in his e book is as a lot because the students on the idea of Islamic Sciences.

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    you have answered ur question when u said u have came to a conclusion about the shias....and Amirah is soon as I see u addressing us rafidaahs, I know ur not looking for answer and in ur thick head, u won't change ur opinions on us...

    but its ok, I will give u credit for spreading fitna, cause Yazid wouldn't be too happy if u didnt

    Source(s): don't call me ur friend or pal, cause I aint of them, don't be a 2 faced coward and "act" all nice, stick to using ur one nasabi face
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    its true you shouldnt have called them raafidah if you actually wanted to be open minded.

    first ive heard of a shia'a accepting the name tho and clinging to it like its piety or something *lol* that they were rejected from the beginning of their incorrect belief system

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  • Daa!

    before posting this "Rafida"

    yes i`m Rafide and proude :)

    do you know what Rafida mean in arabic ?

    it mean They Rejected like they Rejected The injustice , tyranny and lies

    we are the people of Rightness . when the rightness tends .. we tends with it

    oh and still Sunna did NOT answer me here;_ylt=Ap4j3...

    the Question above got deleted by yahoo not me !

    here another link;_ylt=AgyOC...

    Source(s): Imam Ali with Rightness and The Rightness with Imam Ali
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    The minute you said Ra’afidah you showed your actual lack of desire to research Shia belief with true open mindeness.

    Source(s): non-Shia Muslim who researched Shia beliefs, openmindely
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