My question is Im thinking about getting a 406 stroker This is the one IM looking into. As of now I have a stock 305 with tbi, would I be better to just get a carb setup on this engine? Rather than TBI, I don't care about gas mileage, I wanty performance, and drive it on the streets sometimes, not a lot though. And if I did do this swap, would it be hard to get my car right, I mean with all the computer bs, and everything? Whats all involved, I want at least 500 horses, I know it's a lot. But thats just what I want. I was thinking about putting a holley carb on there since I already had one. I personally like carbs than EFI.

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    An edelbrock low rise manifold with an 850 cfm carb should give you what you want. I wouldn't go for the TBI, when you could get the tuned port EFI for a Corvette to bolt right up to the heads. The programable Electronics aren't that hard to program. You won't get the big ponies though, until you use some header pipes to get all the exhaust out of the engine too. At best you can get a pony an inch.

    If you just want instant horses, without any expensive changes, keep the TBI. and just change the pipes to headers. If you have any problems with performance you can replace the chips in the computer with after markets. New chips are cheaper than a new intake manifold and carburetor, and would keep your car street legal in most states.

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    the major problem will be with the tbi & ecm, your camaro was originally a carb, the intake manifold & carb from your 3.8 should fit the 4.3, thus eliminating the need for an ECM. 3.8 & 4.3 originate from the same casting configuration. if your engine happens to be a 2.8 V-6 it is all different. Emission results will depend on engine wear & tuning. If you don't tell the testers its a 4.3 instead of a 3.8 they won't be able to tell the difference. 3.8 L has the same bore & stroke as a 305 (5.0), 4.3 same bore & stroke as 350 (5.7). GM's answer to fuel economy, loose 2 cylinders.

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    You don't mention what year. Either way it can be done but depending on what state your in you won't be street legal unless you use the fuel injection. As such you should use the tuned port injection system. Also you will have to swap out the computer for the 350 unit.

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    That engine is built to be carburated. If you buy it check with them because it would need a certain size and make. With this motor you can't just throw on anything. Your computer wouldn't work with this engine either. I'm sure they would have a complete to do list for it.

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    provided you don't have to smog test this carbs are best just raw unadulterated fuel be sure to provide a good exhaust system to chanel the waste gasses out and also give it that bad to the bone sound,but if it needs to be smogged then you would be between a rock and a hard place but anything is possible.

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