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請用簡單的英文單字即可 但是希望文法是對的


現代人生存在一個便利的世界中 但是也因為如此

現代人的生活越來越煩悶 或許你會覺得我這樣說不正確

舉個例子給你聽 以前的人生活條件比較差

從地方A到地方B 只有兩種方式 走路或坐馬車


因此獲得滿足 走路的人覺得這個世界上不是走路就坐馬車

今天沒坐車 那也不怎麼樣



可是現代人 從地方A到地方B 選擇就變多了

但是選擇一旦變多 人的欲望也會變多

好還要更好 再加上現在社會中 時間就是金錢


因為科技的進步 所以坐車又分為坐公車 坐計程車 坐火車




總而言之 我覺得科技越發達 人類的欲望就越來越難被滿足





科技帶來了方便 似乎也帶來了煩悶的生活

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    安安 簡單的單字

    Contemporaries live in a convenient world. [contemporaries 可以用 modern people 代換]

    That's why contemporaries live more and more boredly.

    [live 動詞,用副詞修飾, more and more 越...越...]

    Maybe you'll ponder my incorrect saying.I'll give you an example.

    Poeple of former times' living conditions were worse than nowadays.


    There were only two ways [means] to get from place A to place B.

    On foot or by carriage

    People on carriage felt joyous and thought that they spent less time getting to destination B.

    [spent 後面動詞要用ing 省略in ]

    Therefore, they're contented.

    People felt nothing whether walking or riding a carriage.

    There were less pressure in their lives.

    And happiness was much easier to attain.

    But modern people have to think of what to take from A to B.

    As long as the choices multiple, man's lust will increase at the same time.

    To be good and even better. What's more, it's said :" Time is money."

    People who walk will complain of slowness.

    Owing to the advancement of technology, vehicles are devided into some categories : bus, taxi, train

    People by bus will think that the bus is slow and crowded.

    People by taxi will think that it cost a great fortune.

    People by train probably will feel that "why is there no M.R.T. to take."

    All in all, I feel that as long as technology develop, human's lust will be hard to fulfill.


    So contemporaries often feel bored. [bordom 是名詞]

    Always try to find happiness.

    Modern people have more ways to relax compared to people of formor times. But we do not live more happily than people of formor times.

    So technology give us convenience as give us boring lives.


    祝身體健康 天天開心

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    we lead a convenient living. the more convenient we get, the more we fell boring. perphaps you do not agree with my opinion. I will list some cases for you as below:

    the previous living standard is worse than now.there are only two ways for transportation , walking or taking a carriage. taking a carriage can reduce the time from A to B.they are satisfied with this method. on the other hand, walking makes them happy for those who can not take a carriage.

    there are lots of options for human being to choose for transportation.the more choices you can get, the more desires you can take. as you know time is will complain it is too slow by foot. meanwhile, it is crowded like sardine while you take the bus. also it is expensive while you take a taxi. then you hope to take MRT in place of train. after all, you are not satisfied with all the options.

    we usually fell boring and try to find happiness by all means. even though, we have multiple choices to kill the loneness , we still fell unhappy. it is worth of thinking.*****

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