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if Obama never had to take on corruption in his own party like Palin did..?

does that mean that there isn't corruption in the democrat party?

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    Obama would be too busy sucking up to advance his own political career.

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    Not at all. I live in Illinois and our politics are the most corrupt in the nation. Each time we elect a new Governor, Republican or Democrat, it's the same old bull.

    Obama was in Springfield, which is so similar to Washington that it's disgusting, and he realized he couldn't gain anything from it, so he had Senate President Emil Jones launch him into the pocket of Senator Dick Durbin, who brought him onto the scene politically.

    Obama has been practicing dirty politics forever; when he was running for the State Senate, the incumbent tried to come back into the race to make it a three way race, and Obama lawyered up and had her kicked out of the race.

    Anyways, on the point of corruption, Governor Palin was right. When she stepped up to the Governor's office in Alaska, she pushed through major reform. Whether you like her or dislike her, she actually did something about dirty politics. Obama talks about all of this change he wants to accomplish, yet like she said, he has no sponsored any major legislation that would stop dirty politics in both Springfield or Washington.

    And yes, there is corruption in the Democratic party. Just wait for the liberal media to get tired of Obama and they'll start unraveling all of the smaller stories like they always do. And if your feeling gutsy, go over to the GOP's website, it'll keep you dually informed.

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    Right! Thats funny. Thats why the dems want him so badly, he came from the most corrupted Political City of Chicago. Obama even had a nick name as the Godfather Politician, his 18 year long partner Rezko a Syrian Dude is in Prison for 22 counts of FRAUD.

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    Great question!

    Obama began his political career with corruption in Chicago. He was a part of it and used it to get elected twice. Very few politicians have the guts to fight corruption in their own party. McCain and Palin have both done this.

    Vote Smart!

    Consider Your Children and Grand-Children;

    Their Future Is In Our Voting Hands!

    Country First!

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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    Well he wasn't a Governor in fact he became a Senator because of sex scandles that happen and kinda won by default. She had fired a lot of corruption in both dem. and rep.

  • No. It means he was too much of a p***y to take it on himself, and he was part of the corruption.

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    Must have forgotten about Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad's sweetheart loan deals from Countrywide, eh.

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    it just means he wasn't involved enough or involved long enough. not saying republicans are perfect. as a matter of fact why is it we can say that but the democrats don't. why do most of them act like democratic politicians do nothing wrong?

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    i'm unsure why everybody could study 2 individuals that are working for 2 diverse positions. it must be on the grounds that's harder to study the shortcoming of government adventure with John McCain who replaced into the governor of, uh, can no longer remembered the state, yet he replaced into the mayor of ny, no wait, that replaced into Giuliani. nicely now i'm purely puzzled.

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    Democrats just cover up for each other.

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