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Most MUSLIM populated area in PENNSYLVANIA???PLZ alot of pplz answer this! PLZ I DONT WANT ONLY 2 PPL Answerin?

Im in 11th grade and i have next year left untill i go to college, but i wanted to know what areas have a LARGE muslim population in it because i was thinking of being roomates with other muslim girls... Someone PLZZZZZ tell me! And also if you can tell me the good colleges in that area that have a LARGE muslim population in it also!!!!

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    Penn State has a Muslim Students Association:

    Not sure about the population , but if you contact this association , I'm sure that they could guide you further.

    Best of luck in your education. Peace~

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    Try Dearborn Michigan, That is one of the biggest muslim populated cities. i found it on the episode of Muslims & american from 30 days. It is HUGE.

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