Why is the water of Gulf of Mexico warm?

News channels say, Hurricane Ike is likely to strengthen because it is moving over the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. But, why is the water of the Gulf of Mexico warm? Because it is mostly surrounded by land? Or because it is not so deep? Or because of the oil refineries? Why?

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    The Gulf of Mexico's latitude and warm ocean currents are the two main factors.

    The Gulf Stream, a warm Atlantic Ocean current and one of the strongest ocean currents known, originates in the Gulf of Mexico, as a continuation of the Caribbean-Yucatán-Loop Current system.

    The Gulf of Mexico is also shallow because of the continental shelf from surrounding land.

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    2 or 3 times a week a 5 feet wide layer of light foam will come in about 4:30 pm and the water right behind it is cold.

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    it is located by the equator and the gulf stream brings the warm water threw there north it get the most sunlight

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    good q its probably warm because its not so deep and the sunshines alot there keeping the water warm??

    the water is always warm here in australia at least in the beaches near where i live

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