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how is guy montag in Fahrenheit 451 rash,easily swayed, and self -obsessed?

If i could get three examples for each it would be really good thanks for your help.

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    Guy Montag is the protagonist and fireman whose metamorphosis is illustrated throughout the book and who presents the dystopia through the eyes of a loyal worker to it, a man in conflict about it, and one resolved to be free of it.

    It is revealed that Montag has, over the course of a year, hidden dozens of books in the ventilation shafts of his own house, and he tries to memorize them to preserve their contents, but becomes frustrated that the words seem to simply fall away from his memory. He then remembers a man he had met at one time: Faber, a former English professor. Montag seeks Faber's help, and Faber begins teaching Montag about the vagaries and ambiguities but overall importance of literature in its attempt to explain human existence. He also gives Montag a green bullet-shaped ear-piece so that Faber can offer guidance throughout his daily activities.

    It is suggested that the society Montag knew has almost completely collapsed and a new society must be built from the ashes. Whether this new society will meet the same fate is unknown, but it is implied that the book people will begin to build mirror factories (a literary allusion)(mirrors are a metaphor for books) to show people who they are, what they have become, and how they can change with time and knowledge.

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