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Are you happy with the broadcast "news" media's role in this election?

OMG Dennis Miller is explaining things on O'Reilly now. Yukie Poooooo!

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    When it comes to the real news the broadcast networks do very well but if you are referring to this election time then they are not reporting news but giving their opinion.

    Journalist are to be un bias and not one of the news stations, MSNBC,CNN,ABC,NBC, CBS or the others are doing that they are saying that one candidate is going to win and this is not reporting.

  • Otto
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    I won't say whom I prefer, but I will say that I get very tired of the "mud slinging" on both sides. It would be novel for us to have an election where the candidates actually stuck to the issues, dropped the lies and rhetoric and made no personal attacks. I guess that would be too boring for the media to handle.

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    The answer is extremely unhappy if were talking ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC,and CNN. talk about yukie pooooooo!

  • Anonymous
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    No, abc, cbs and nbc have their socialist pick

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