Any funny puns I can say for math class?

I want some funny puns to say durning my math class have any?

2 Answers

  • sommer
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    basically the 1st ("Mathematical puns are a sine of insanity") is in actuality a pun, and an extremely stable one too. A pun is a play on words the place the words can sound alike yet have diverse meanings (sine vs sign). Freud wrote an entire e book approximately humor which contain puns. He claimed that a 'stable' pun under pressure a individual who had to wager the real meaning and laughter helped relieve the strain. poor puns used sound-alike words yet without plenty wit (a million/2 wit?). Ha Ha Ha. Bennet Cerf replaced right into a renowned punster who replaced into locked right into a closet at a occasion. He banged on the door, "O-pun the door! O-pun the door!"

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