Anyone had experiences with Re-bath or Bath Fitters? Is this a project I can do myself?

My bathroom is circa 1960's, and the walls are like a plastic-coated particle board which I have painted over. A shower has been added to the original tub, and now the walls around the shower are "buckling" and cracking. I need some type of plastic walls installed around my tub to prevent further damage. Any idea as to the cost if I hired Re-Bath or Bath Fitters to do this for me? Or, should I attempt it myself? Any ideas are most appreciated!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would absolutely not reccomment Bath Fitters, or any company with the same idea (I've never heard of Re-bath, so not sure about it). It is your choice whether you do it yourself or not, it depends how much work you are prepared to do or if you'd rather hire a professional.

    The reasoning behind not reccommending Bath Fitters is while they make your bathroom look super nice & clean & beautiful, they do not actually repair any damage. This is why they can do it in one day. They just place stuff over your existing walls. This means that behind your new "coverings" there is loads of damage & mold & lots of fun stuff going on! Which in a few more years when you want to do anything else, your walls are wayyy more damaged than they were to begin with, and you have a much bigger problem on your hands!

    Personally, If I was in your shoes I would hire a professional to completely re-do the bathroom, or whatever parts you choose ( the walls around the shower, the tub, etc.). It will be more expensive than Bath Fitters, but it will save you from more problems and spending a great deal more money in the future.

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