How do I set up an Outlook rule with multiple specific words that uses "and" instead of "or"?

In MS Outlook 2003, when setting up a Rule to filter messages, under the "with specific words in the subject" condition, when specifying those specific words if you enter multiple words/phrases the Search list populates with an "or" operator. How can I replace this "or" operator with an "and" operator? The logic of the rule functions differently based on this distinction.

Any help would be great for my team at work. Thanks!

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    You can't change the logic from the Rules Wizard itself. It's preset for "usual" requests. I tested a few different wizard options for you though.

    If you key in the whole phrase (instead of just one word at a time) as one submission (e.g. "How do you get there") it will filter any messages that comes through with all the words in that order. That helps (maybe!) but if you get a message that has, "how do you ALWAYS get there" it won't activate the filter so it might not meet your needs. If you already know the difference between the AND and OR controller then you probably already know that this won't help you ;)

    As you've already discovered, if you drop each word in separately, it will use the "or" controller and you'll filter out a lot more messages than you want.

    You CAN import custom scripts for your Outlook rules but you have to use VBScript and you have to craft the rules in VBScript for applications, not just the editor. It's proprietary to Microsoft Corp.

    There is an expanding knowledge base article from Microsoft here:

    It's got examples of code you can use but you have to draft it from VBScript for applications as mentioned above.

    You might consider a third party filter. Look up "email management" in a search engine.

    Hope this gets you in a better direction!

    Take care,


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    Outlook 2003 Rules Not Working

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    For my needs, I wanted to move all of the "Items shipped" messages from Amazon into a folder. The subject line is in the form:

    Your order of "some item" has shipped!

    so I wanted to select all messages with "Your order" and with "has shipped!" in the subject. I was able to do this with using the 'with specific words in the subject' search for the first phrase and the 'with specific words in the subject or body' search for the second phrase.

    If you need to include more phrases, here is something that I found. I'm not taking credit but it seems like an excellent answer so I'm copying it over here....


    Create a rule to search for two different phrases in a message

    Home / Outlook / Rules, Filters & Views / Create a rule to search for two different phrases in a message

    Here’s another method, courtesy of Ronald Kuetemeier:

    For each phrase that you want to search for, create a rule that looks for that phrase and sets the category to "MyPhrase" or whatever you want to use. This category does not need to be on your master list.

    Below those rules, create a rule that looks for items with the "MyPhrase" category, then performs the desired actions (move to folder, etc.)

    This technique can be very helpful for building complex sequences of rules with lots of exceptions (place in folder except if assigned to "MyPhrase" category).


    • Julie L4 years agoReport

      Thanks! Your answer solves MY problem!! :-)

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