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How does Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner work?

Recently there was a question about how Scalewatcher descaler works, since the answers were incomplete and wrong, and the thread was closed, I am starting a new one:

Electronic hard water conditioners work by putting the Ca++ and Mg++ ions in suspension. The effect lasts for at least TWO DAYS not two hours! Besides preventing scale, as the treated water circulates, it cleans up existing scale. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the shower heads clean up on their own, and then bits of scale from the water heater show up in the aerator screens. Within a few weeks all pre existing scale is gone and from there on the plumbing remains scale free saving energy to heat up water and maintenance expenses.

It’s been three years since we installed our Scalewatcher and we have no complaints: we have no more scale around faucets and showerheads, the nasty brown scale deposits in toilet bowls are gone and never came back, our tankless heater works as good as when it was new. (source: )

For the friend SPARKFISH that doesn’t understand how it works, it’s all about the Lorenz force, I will try post scientific explanation in next post. For the layman, if you want to see INDEPENDENT RESEARCH proving the effectiveness of the Physical Water Treatment (PWT) technology, go to this source:

My credentials: I am an engineer with 22 years of experience in the water treatment industry.

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    I have been working in the water treatment industry for 25 years and I have yet to see positive proof that these "black boxes" work on water that has a scaling potential. They have been selling these things for at least 30 years. Sure it works in water with Calcium and Magnesium which has Langeliers index indicating it is non scaling but on water with medium or high scaling potential they will do absolutely nothing. We have tested several of these over the years on various cooling towers in our plants and have had miserable failures!! The only way this will work is if you also control the pH. As far as the independent research - pretty slim!!

    Are you selling these or something? What is your motivation for recreating this thread?

    Has this been approved by the Underwriters Labs? Can you provide one example where this has been used in a commercial application (i.e. refinery, mining operation, etc.? Believe me, if this thing worked, all of these industries would be using them because they spend millions of dollars every year on water treatment. It is my contention that these things only "work" in water systems where nothing (or no treatment at all) would work just as well!!

    Source(s): Personal experience and chemical engineer
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    Electronic Water Conditioner

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    How does Scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner work?

    Recently there was a question about how Scalewatcher descaler works, since the answers were incomplete and wrong, and the thread was closed, I am starting a new one:

    Electronic hard water conditioners work by putting the Ca++ and Mg++ ions in suspension. The effect lasts for at least TWO DAYS...

    Source(s): scalewatcher electronic hard water conditioner work:
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    I installed one of these at my home. I used to have the bathtub faucet intermittently leak. I used to replace water heater elements every year to 3 years . I had the seal go leak in the bottom of the dishwasher and ruin the bearing 7 monthes after it was new. I used to have the heater element in the bottom of the dishwasher coverd with deposits. I think I have had the Scalewatcher 5 years now. The faucet in the bath tub never leaks. I have not had to replace the water heater elements. The dishwasher ran for at least 5 years after the second moter bearing replacement. This device does not eliminate water spots on dishes, but it has certainly reduced the effects of hard water deposits on my faucets and appliances. I am not selling these devices, but I can tell you it works. It may not be sufficient for an industrial application, but in my home it works. I live in central Indiana where we have some of the hardest water in the country.

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    Like others, at first I was very hesitant about this and very skeptical regarding whether it would actually work. We have a superb Corian kitchen counter-top with a white basin. After a couple of weeks following my installation of the ScaleWatcher 3, the white Corian basin was becoming cleaner and brighter than with our previous salt water-softener unit! Shower and bath water became increasingly more clean-feeling and excellent... leaving no noticeable residue in the tub. Additionally, our toilets became very residue-free and easy to clean.

    There are a lot of on-line comments for and against magnetic and electro-magnetic devices. Many jobs depend on the salt-based systems, so some people are (understandably) concerned. Some people contend that it is scientifically impossible for such devices to work. Yet, huge numbers of people give positive reviews of these devices. I did some research and found good evidence by some that there is, indeed, scientific merit to how these devices work. Coey and Cass, for example, used top-notch electron-microscopy to look at the molecules close-up. Their testing indicated that results were to be found at a 99.9% success rate for a change from the calcium to the more pipe and utility-friendly aragonite form of calcium. Additionally, they found that the effect lasts for over 200 hours.... plenty of time for it to have passed through your home's system, such as through the water heater. ScaleWatcher makes claims for less time; but they are likely making claims on the "safe side." I did on-line research and the electro-magnetic devices such as ScaleWatcher get way better results (and way better reviews) than do the simple, cheap magnet devices; the electronic modulating devices help the Lorentz force to work in a much stronger and effective way than merely by simple magnets. (I did duck-tape a few strong neodymium magnets upstream from the electronic unit, to act as "preconditioners," but stationary magnets do not - in themselves - work well enough on their own.) Additionally, as an added note... previous to purchasing this unit, we found (by snooping on-line) that the ScaleWatcher outfit/company continues to get an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau.

    If your water has a lot of iron in it... there is a chance (from what we've read) that this method of water conditioning will not work for you. If not, the company offers your money back! The ScaleWatcher company makes a lot of these (in larger sizes) for industry. This unit might seem a bit expensive, but it is hermetically sealed, is guaranteed for 10 years, and is made by a company that pioneered and refined this type of technology. It is being used by a lot of industry and homes in states like California, where regular salt-based water-softeners are illegal to operate due to their effects on the environment (i.e., the groundwater).

    If you like to mess with heavy, old-fashioned salt bags and like antiquated (polluting) systems, stick with your old water-softener. We are sure glad that we changed!

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