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What will it take for McCain and Palin and Republicans to respect intellectual property rights and laws?

The McCain/Palin campaign has drawn the wrath of some famous musicians this campaign season for using songs by artists who are opposed to his policies. While, as a corporation, CBS may not be officially against any of the Republican ticket's policies, the network takes copyright infringement very seriously..

"YouTube has removed a webad that casts Sarah Palin as the victim of sexism on the request of CBS, whose anchor Katie Couric was featured in the ad," Politico's Ben Smith reports.

Smith continues, "Asked about the ad, CBS spokeswoman Leigh Farris said, 'CBS News does not endorse any candidate in the Presidential race. Any use of CBS personnel in political advertising that suggests the contrary is misleading.'"

As Politico notes, "YouTube's page displaying the ad now tells visitors, 'This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS Interactive Inc.'"


Regardless of the "leftiness" or "rightiness" of the victim of infringement, the laws protecting intellectual property do exist in the United States and even political candidates are required to obey the law.

What kind of extremist would advocate the law does not apply to "their side?"

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    CBS is the most left of all the lefty media outlets and Katie Couric is an obvious bipartisan lefty, they'll look for any excuse to sabotage any effort of the right.

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    You did not know YOUTube and CBS is in the pocket of the leftys? Oh where have you been?

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    Don't look like they need you or Obama's buddies.

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