What goes on during a prostate exam?

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My boyfriend and I were arguing about that (funny argument) . In the movie Road Trip, was the nurse not giving sean william scott a prostate exam??? she couldn't have been jacking him ...show more
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In today's modern times, prostate exams are done with blood work. I am 38, went to the doc to get my exam and it was blood work only. I do feel sorry for the older guys who had to go the other route before science moved on.
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  • Lamar's Alarm answered 6 years ago
    the doctor enters the rectum area with his finger to feel for any Irregularities around the Prostrate Gland i.e. bumps, knots, stuff of that sort. He doesn't go far where it's gonna feel like the man is gonna have anal intercourse like in a homosexual situation.

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  • Vadim S answered 6 years ago
    stick their finger up your butt.


    physical yesterday.....
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  • justme answered 6 years ago
    He was in a sperm donor place, and it wasnt a prostrate exam. I've never experienced it but i've heard if someone massages your prostrate right it will make you have a great orgasm. I'm sure thats what was implied in the movie.
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  • alasstud answered 6 years ago
    It depends on how thorough the exam is. Just a digital exam consists of the doctor inserting a finger into the anus and feeling of the prostate to see if there are any lumps or irregularities. If it is a complete prostate exam, they do the digital exam AND a blood test.
    I am not familiar with the movie you are speaking of.
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  • Robert S answered 6 years ago
    What was happening in the movie is in fact possible. The nurse was massaging the prostate which in some cases can cause the man to ejaculate. During a prostate exam, the doctor checks the prostate for any kind of abnormalities, but they both involve the prostate
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  • wacespaƱa answered 6 years ago
    a dr puts his finger up ya bum
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  • RE_FAN answered 6 years ago
    A doctor greases up a broom stick and shoves it up your ***, or so it feels... have fun with that lol and I have not seen that movie
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