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Your First Dog? (20 Characters Later..)?

I was just going through some old photo albums, and I found an entire album dedicated to my first year. In EVERY single photo, either in the background or right next to me, my first dog, Maxwell (Lhasa Apso) was there.

What was your first breed of dog, how long did you have him/her, do you have a photo, and would you own this breed again?

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My first dog was Maxwell, a pure bred Lhasa Apso. We had him until I was about 10, which would have made him sixteen years old.

Here are some photos from the album:

Update 2:

My first dog was Maxwell, a pure bred Lhasa Apso. We had him until I was about 10, which would have made him sixteen years old.

Here are some photos from the album:

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    My first dog was a shetland sheep dog (sheltie) named Cody.

    i was 3 yrs old when a good friend of my mother's gave her one of her puppies. my mom's friend showed and worked Shelties. she gifted us a puppy after my mom helped her through some really tough mom had admired her dogs for years, and has raised show poodles in the past so she was familiar w/dogs, shows, and breeding.

    Cody was neutered however, and was just a pet.

    He was my best friend. He went with me everywhere. He was like a brother to me. He was great w/all of us kids as we grew up. he was protective and loyal.

    i loved that dog so much.

    He lived for 13 yrs and then suffered from kidney failure and was humanely euthanized when i was 15 (almost 16)...i cried for weeks.

    I would definitely love to have a sheltie again.


    FINALLY found a pic of him. omg i need to organize my photos! this is not the photo i wanted, i wanted to find one w/me and my sis and bro w/cody but i couldn't find it.

    ill look later.


    well i still can't find the pic i want..but i did find a pic of me & my dad with my very first Cat, Scooter. lol

    Source(s): owned by 4 dogs, ASPCA member, SPCA volunteer and foster home.
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    My first dog was a Shi tzu` Yorkie mix. She is 3/4 Yorkie and 1/4 Shi Tzu`. I can not even begin to tell you how much i love the little bugger. She is my best friend and very cuddly. Her name is Sophie and she weighs about 4 lbs. here is a picture of her.

    I would be careful buying small breeds like these though. They are huge money makers and people know that. Which is where you will run into "Puppy Farms." (People who breed the same dogs over and over again for more puppies to sell.) Most dogs will end up with a lot of diseases including Parvo, which can be fatal in only a few weeks. My puppy got Parvo and it took alot of money and heartbreak till she was better.

    All in all, i love her and i would defnintely buy this breed or a full bred yorkie again!

    Source(s): Life.
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    My dad found a local breeder of Miniature Schnauzers who was expecting a litter about 10 weeks prior to my due date. He put a deposit on a grey one. I was two weeks late, but when i came home as a newborn I had my first best friend Alf. I had Alf until I was 13 or so. He was a phenominal dog with me. He became very protective of me and I could do no wrong. There is a picture of me where I had the poor lil guy by the beard as I was petting his head (I was like 3 or so) and even still with me poking and prodding him all the time I was never once bitten or nipped. I would totally recomend this breed to somebody although I could never own another one, I get nostalgic about Alf and would feel like I was trying to replace him.

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    The last photo is darling haha.

    Gosh. The first dog I can remember that we had was a giant Rottweiler x Labrador Retriever mix named Beauford. We had him when I was about two years old - that dog would knock me to the ground, sit atop of me and lick my face until I'd cry for my mommy. Unfortunately, mom left poor Beauford with her boyfriend after many life-complications. We didn't even have Beauford for a year, just for a few months. And I do not have any pictures of him, sadly. ):

    Besides Beauford, there have always been dogs in the family, not just one or two as my first dogs, but a big pack of them that I grew up with - 3-4 Dachshunds (Norman, Daisy, Lady, Sebastian), another Rottweiler mix (Tippy), a GSD mix (Snapper), a GSD/Collie/Wolf mix (Baby), and a scruffy terrier mix (Mickey) - in particular.

    & yes, I'd definitely have a Rottweiler. They're actually one of my favorite breeds and I've considered getting a Rott somewhere in the future.

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    Hi there. This situation is basically called co-ownership. It's basically where two or more people 'own' or 'share' a dog/cat/rabbit/etc. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes people do this because they can only look after a dog for two days, and then they have to go to work for five or six days, so they take the dog to the other owner. However, it has been found that it can sometimes stress the animal involved! I hope I helped you out.

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    My own first dog was a stray mutt. we owned dogs when I was growing up but none of them were "mine".

    My first dog I got 3 years ago actually. She followed my inlaws home on a walk and they couldnt keep her so they brought her to me. She was a Boston Terrier/Pug mix. Ugliest little thing I had ever seen but I fell in love. She was a spaz but a great dog. Sadly though she was hit by a car a year after that because I did not have her leashed like I should have.

    I still talk about her all the time, she was "my" dog, my companion. Hubby worked 2nd shift I worked 1st and so it was just me and my dog 5 days out of the week. She was a great little mutt

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    My family got our first dog when I was 5 (18 years ago). He was a 5 year old (approx) stray black Cocker Spaniel we adopted from the SPCA on my parents' anniversary. He was so excited to be out of his little cage that he ripped up and down the aisle at full speed, I wasn't used to dogs, so he terrified me; I hid behind my mom. I still remember the heartbreaking expression on his face when we had to put him back in the cage, so my mom could fill out the paperwork. He was due to be euthanized in a day or two, so we got him just in time.

    We named him Ninja (my 4 year old brother and I named him).

    He turned out to be a great dog, considering he was our family's "experiment" dog. I cringe when I think about the food he had to eat and my parents' training methods at the time (rubbing his nose in his pee), but we did the best we could. He was still a wanderer though, and he broke out of our yard more than a few times.

    He eventually developed diabetes, and we had to have him put down when he was 12.

    Ninja is the reason I love dogs today, and the reason I have such a soft spot for Cocker Spaniels. I don't have any pics I can put on here, I would need a scanner.

    RIP Ninja

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    My first dog was a Doberman named Salcha.

    My mother has a photo of me as a baby, and Salcha as a puppy, sitting together on a blanket in the park. This and Salcha's puppy collar (a tiny silver choke chain -- Mom didn't know any better) are taped to a page in my "baby book".

    When I was 5 years old, I used to take my cloth jump rope, put it around Salcha's head like a halter, and pretend she was a horse. I actually remember that.

    She put her ears out to the side and let me drag her around on her "lead rope".

    I also remember sitting with my foot in a pail of cold water after a bee stung my toe, and Salcha walking over and getting a big slurpy drink! I was probably 3, then.

    Mom told me dog spit was good for my bee sting.

    I think we had her until I was about 6. She bit a stranger who came up the driveway one afternoon (we were living in a cabin back in a forest, at that time), and county Animal Control took her away and put her down.

    I don't remember all of the details, but I remember crying for a long time.

    I have always wanted another Doberman. Maybe someday I will have one.

    Source(s): I was actually named after an Irish Setter that my mother had before I was born!
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    You don't have to have 20 characters lol it's just a suggestion. You can still submit your question. My first dog was a collie when I was 4, his name was Lassie :) I only had him for about a year, and I don't know if I would get a collie again. I like short haired big dogs that don't shed all over the house. I don't have any pictures from before I turned 7 so no. :(

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    My first dog was Maylene, she was a Chow Chow, she had red hair was was gorgeous. I was 4, she was 6. We had her for 5 years. Unfortunately, the only pics I have are hard copies, nothing I can post here, I need to get a scanner. Yes, I would absolutely have this breed again. She was the sweetest. She would sit with me for hours, while I brushed her hair and put bows in it. She also slept every night between my bed and the door to protect me. She was just a big, fuzzy lovergirl.

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