how do i obtain a transcript of a 911 call without hiring an atty.?

this was a "loud male voice" according to naperville,il. police dept. It was phoned in by a neighbor at approximately 9:30 p.m. on a week day. this resulted in the arrest of a person who happened to be visiting at the time but was by no means using a "loud voice".The police gained entry to my home using the ruse stated above and my ignorance at how deceptive they could be and were. Of course i let them in to make sure everything was o.k. I had nothing to hide. It turns out my guest had a warrant for a failure to appear and he was taken into custody. i just feel there's more to this and the police department seems to make me want to jump through hoops to get them to comply with my request of a copy of the tape or a transcript of it. does anyone know if this is a matter of public record or how i might proceed in this matter? Thanks


the arrest is not in dispute. the manner in which i was treated is. I know the police can use trickery when questioning suspects but i was not a suspect in this scenario. the person they took to jail should have gone to jail according to the law, he was in the wrong. he missed a court date. period. the point is the police knew he was at my residence (i believe) and they used my ignorance of the law as well as my trust in law enforcement to arrest someone on a minor charge with a great show of force (6 officers) pounding on the door frightening my grandchild, neighbors, as well as myself. the person arrested was a guest in my home for the previous week. at one point during the visit, he suffered a seizure which entailed my calling 911 and an ambulance for assistance. i believe this is how his name was obtained by the naperville, illinois pd. this is why i am upset. i am not defending the person who was arrested. i am questioning the tactics of the n.p.d. citizens accept this treatment??

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    To answer your question, in Illinois you must file a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request to obtain a copy of the 911 call. But they can refuse such a request depending on the reason you are asking for it.

    And the police can use trickery to make an arrest. There is no more to it other then they wanted to get a person wanted on a warrant.

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    If I understand right, what you claim is that the police tricked you into let them in so they could arrest this guy who had an arrest warrant. Right?

    If that the case then it was all legal, is legal for police to use this kind of ruse or trickery, as long as you VOLUNTARILY comply then they are on the clear (you could have said "no" when they asked to enter and that would have been the end of it).

    Most likely there is no such 911 call; but call transcript or not, it was a legal arrest because you gave then consent to enter and there was a legal arrest warrant.

    Let it go or you might be charged with helping a fugitive even if that's not the case.

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    Have you contacted the 911 center and asked? The procedures vary from city to city.

    If your friend had a warrant, the police responded to the neighbors call of a "loud male voice," you let them in voluntarily and your friend gave them his name voluntarily there isn't a chance he will get off. Plus, he has a warrant - what's the big deal?

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