Can some one tell me the strategy behind PTC and what the difference between PTC and PTR is.?

I’ve been doing the GPT Surveys and would like to add a little more but not surveys. I have all I can take with them. Anyone have a link to some good PTC sites that do pay. And can you just tell me a little about the strategy behind it. I’m thinking you sign up for a trillion and then go through them every day. Since the pay out is low I guess it all adds up in your account, not so much on one site. Am I right? At least you don’t run into the problem of doing the same Survey twice.

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    PTC is getting paid to click and view the ad on a web screen on a timer. PTR is getting paid to open and read an email, often with some sort of clickable link to prove you opened and read it inside.

    Both have seriously sad payouts and I have been in the industry before, even owning two such sites with very sad results. We are talking pennies per clicks and ads that take minutes each.

    The only persons I have seen find small successes within these programs are those who work large established programs that have enough advertising income to afford payouts, and they have developed downlines so they make a tiny percentage from each active downline member.

    You can make more money per hour writing then clicking. There are people needing writers for everything from professional style articles, to blog comments and forum posts on new forum boards.

    I will give you the best source I know of to find these small independent jobs such as I mentioned above.

    Good luck!

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    I got started with paid to click sites in July 2008. I joined about 10 sites and did not read the TOS. It took 60 BUSINESS days or 12 WEEKS to get paid by the sites after reaching the $10.00 minimum payout. So I've done some research so that others like yourself don't have to deal with the same headache. I only focus on paid to click sites with a low minimum payout that pay you in less than 24 hours. That way, if you don't get paid (which some of these PTCs are known to do) you will know right away and can drop the program. - 50% referral earnings instant payouts starting at $2 - 50% referral earnings $1.99 payout that you will receive in 12 hours - 50% referral earnings $4.00 payout that I received in less than 1 hour - 50% referral earnings $5.00 payout that you will receive instantly. - $5 payout with 50% referral earnings receive payment in less than 24 hours

    I've received payment from all of these sites and I've documented the payments at I discuss strategy at and I spend about 20 minutes a day with these programs and last month I made $67 bucks so those pennies really can add up without invest too much of your time.

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    Visit this site for more info on PTC sites and to make sure you don't sign up for a scam site.

    or (its the same as the other site, but they are in alphabetical order)

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