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Young and the restless viewers can you answer this?

Question 1

When JT and Victoria got married JT wanted to live in his apartment in the city to be his own man. Today I watched and they live somewhere else (maybe the Newman ranch).

Where are they living out now? Why did they move from JT's place?

My second question

Why did Colleen stopped working at Gina's and is employed at Kevin coffee shop now?

I just started watching Y&R again. Thanks.

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    They moved to JTs apt for awhile but with the baby it was too small. so they moved to the guest house at the newman ranch that nick and sharon lived in. it was bigger.

    Colleen quit working at Ginas when she went on her vacation for awhile, when she came back Kevin needed help at the coffee shop.

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    Yeah JT and Victoria is on the Ranch they live in Sharons and Nicks old house. They moved out of JT's place because Victoria was pregnant and they needed more room for the baby.

    Adrian and Colleen were fighting and she told him she was going to Beijing for 4 weeks to think and there was something she had to do. Well she quit Ginas when she left because Gine would not let her take a break for 4 weeks so Colleen quit and when she came back she was looking for a job and Kevin was hiring and he hired her since she had the most experience. She now lives at the Abbott Mansion.

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    JT's loft would have been too cramped with the baby on the way, so they moved to the ranch and ended up purchasing the place from Victor.

    Colleen went to China for a while, but Gina told her up front that her job might not be available when she came back. That was in fact the case when she returned, so Kevin gave her a job at the coffee house.

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    To start off JT and Victoria bought the house from Victor that Nick and Sharon use to live in. It was bigger for them and the baby. And second Colleen quit Gina's when she went to Europe and when she came back she asked Kevin if she could work for him because her job with Gina was taken. Hope this helps.

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  • Yes JT and Vicki live on the ranch - after victoria's accident, and delivering the baby while she was in a coma - victor had Vicki styaing at the ranch with nurses and stuff. When she woke up they decided to live at the ranch.

    Colleen works at CL now because she went out of the country, her and adrian broke up, and when she came back kevin said she could work there.

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    1. when they got married earlier this year, they were given nikki's old place.

    2. gina's went under a long time ago, she was working at the GC club since then.

    3. after breaking up with aidren and coming back from china she was given a job by kevin.

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    Victoria Moved to the ranch after her accident and J. T. followed.

    Collen started working for Kevin because her job was taken when she returned for where ever she was.

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    After she had the baby and came out of the coma,they moved her in Nick and Sharon old place ,so they could be comfortable. I don'tknow why Colleen change jobs.Maybe she needed a break..

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