What are some of the rebellions that occurred during the American Revolution.?

I need more events where the colonists have rebelled against Britain. Thank you sooooo much!!


I was wondering about specific rebellions. For example, Boston Tea Party.

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    1. open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or ruler.

    2. resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.

    3. the act of rebelling.

    First major rebellion in the colonies:

    1676 Bacon's Rebellion on the eastern shore of Virginia

    Pre-Revolutionary War acts:

    1763 in Pennsylvania, when westerners known as the Paxton Boys, angered by Indian attacks that the Quaker-dominated legislature, safe in Philadelphia, refused to do anything about, marched on that city. But no actual rebellion took place. The Boys disbanded peacefully when a delegation headed by Benjamin Franklin promised that the legislature would place a bounty on Indian scalps.

    1765 Sons of Liberty were formed

    On September 12, 1765 a mob of Portsmouth NH citizens hung George Meserve in effigy.

    1767 The Colonists organized boycotts and active resistance movements against the Townshend Duties which escaladed matters and led to open rebellion against England.

    1768, the Liberty, a ship belonging to colonial merchant John Hancock John Hancock and suspected of smuggling, was seized by customs officials in Boston. Angry protests on the street led customs officials, fearing for their safety, to report to London that Boston was in a state of insurrection.

    1770 Boston Massacre

    In 1771 the governor, William Tryon, sent more than a thousand militia west. They routed two thousand regulators at the Battle of the Almance.

    1772 A mob burned the British revenue cutter "Gaspee," in Rhode Island.

    1772 "Pine Tree Riot" of Weare NH

    1772 Citizens of Weare, New Hampshire rebelled against the King of England.

    1773 Boston Tea Party

    1775, the first shot was fired at Lexington where 8 Americans were killed.

    FORT TICONDEROGA and Crown Point, N.Y. were captured on May 10 and 12, 1775 by Ethan Allen and about 200 men with Benedict Arnold.

    I'm sure there are a lot more...

    Source(s): Rebellion 1. open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or ruler. 2. resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition. 3. the act of rebelling.
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    Couldn't it be argued that the American Revolution itself was a rebellion?

    Battles of Lexington and Concord? First colonial armed "rebellions" that sparked the Revolution.

    Any battle of the war can be seen as a rebellion. To my knowledge, there weren't too many "rebellions" on the same scale as the Boston Tea Party.

    Tarring and feathering of British tax collectors?

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    The Boston tea party was not a rebellion, it was a protest against taxes.

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    with the aid of fact of very few historic supplies, it extremely is confusing to truly tell what number civilians died the place and from what. yet their destiny became probable resembling the armies; greater ailment and famine than extremely death via an enemy. of direction in any conflict you have got extremes, so I have not any doubt that females and young ones have been killed via British (or Hessian) infantrymen, yet maximum folk that died probable did not have the user-friendly must stay. As British familiar Curtis suggested, "I circulate away not something for guy or brute interior the country skipped over via my military different than a splash saving to feed the unfavorable, which will infrequently shop them from suffering." They knew what they have been doing, so does this count selection as 'blatantly'?

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