where do i start to ship a washing machine & dryer from the west to the south?

anyone know where I can go to find out who does this? i have no clue how much it weighs? I think it needs crates and do i have to ship it? what am i doing? my mother in law wants it...but I have no clue where to start to get it to her? Thank you for any instructions on where to go to ask for help or for direct help! ;0)


oh yeh by west i mean colorado - this is a USA transaction...sorry international thinkers!

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    There are a couple ways to do this.

    First you could load it into a rented truck to drive the distance yourself or another family member or friend. Or you could "hire" someone to take it.

    Another way is to get one of those pack your own crate and load it in there and have someone else ship it

    A third way is to call a LTL carrier (R+L Carriers, ABF, Roadway) and have them pick it up from your house and deliver it to your mother-in-laws.

    The second two will definitely be more expensive than the first.

    I would see if a college grad or student would be willing to drive it on a Fri and arrive on Sat or Sun depending on the distance for a couple hundred dollars. Then fly back.

    Source(s): was shipping supervisor for 3 years
  • Jim W
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    Unless you are driving to the new location or the equipment is very special, I ask if it is worth the price of shipping? Maybe sell in your location, buy at hers would be a more economical solution. Ask her to price the shipping and pay for it.

    I bought my MIL a new microwave a couple of years ago that was purchased on line and delivered cheaper than I could ship to her across country.

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    shipping would be outrageous, Tell her if she wants them to come and get them.

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