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Do I trade Cooley, Royal, and Maurice Morris for Tony Gonzo, Jamal Lewis, and Andre Johnson?

In this league you get 10pts per return yards and can make another 25pts for returning one for a TD. This is an IDP league.

Team so far

QB- McNabb

WR- Royal, Welker, Bowe, Ward, Parrish

RB- Graham, Jacobs, Lendale White, Morris, Deuce McAlister, Mike Hart

TE- Cooley

IDP- Curtis Lofton, Cortland Finnegan, Shawne Merriman, Dhani Jones, Atari Bigby, Antoine Winfield, Chad Greenway, Jerod Mayo, Channing Crowder, Calvin Pace, and Quinton Culberson




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    NO the deal breaker fro me is Cooley for Gonzo, Gonzo is on one of the worst offensive teams in the league, and while the Skins O didn't exactly light it up Cooley is Campbells favorite target and will get more chances for big games than Gonzalez. Now for Morris watch him, he got injured so you might want to think about getting rid of him and adding Jlius Jones who now will be the primary back.

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  • sharia
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    3 years ago

    Heres what i could do. Decline the 1st commerce, as a replace of Lewis attempt to get Clinton Portis. he's a snug strengthen over Lewis. If he rejects that then pass decrease back and attempt this commerce. Romo is a lot greater desirable advantageous than Brees this season, you may start up Wayne and branch. this is an strengthen at one yet yet another place for you. His team isn't as sturdy as he thinks. he won't win your league with that team. you will not the two, yet this commerce provides you a bigger advantageous risk. particularly in case you would be able to desire to get Portis as a replace.

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