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I dreamed and woke up breathing hardly?

So I had a dream last night; for some reason it was about the star spangled banner (not the song the flag) (I was pretty much thinking about this social studies thing I've been doing) any ways one minute it went from waving a flag on a balcony (again don't ask) to being a spy for the colonists I don't know how but it did any ways that's not the point, so I swam deep into water after being freed from jail (which took less then a second again don't ask how I got there its just random), I went so deep in real life it would feel like your lungs were on fire and I just needed air, that's when I woke up breathing heavily my heart beating fast it hurt for 20 seconds then it went away... what is the cause of this? and this has happened before (not the breathing and heart beating part) I would have a dream and wake up with some sort of pain sometimes sometimes I would wake up and find cuts on myself but I don't see how that's physically possible unless some one or something did it to me in my sleep. like I asked before what could be the cause of my breathing heavily and heart beating too fast?

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    It sounds weird but your sub concience does some strange things. Like when you fall in a dream and fall off your bed? I have really really nasty night terrors and Ive had dreams about being choked. Well when I woke up I was strangling myself with my sheet. As for the cuts, you could be doing those yourself as well. your body may be asleep but your mind still goes. Kind of like sleepwalking, just more severe. The only thing that helps me is to 1. Write down anything that is stressing me out that day....and 2. Write down what I dream about, I still get the dreams sometimes, but not the physical injuries.

    I hope this helps

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    It's known as a night time terror firstly. Not usual in older humans, I have them. It's infrequent and runs in household strains. I for my part get the equal factor, the "paralyzed" sensation is known as sleep paralysis; sleep paralysis too can carry on hallucinations, which might be a rarer sort of sleep paralysis. One rationale you possibly having those scary nightmares and paralyzed sensations would be in view that of a top precipitated strain. Other than that, the rationale you are having the paralyzed sensation is in view that your mind nonetheless hasn't registered that you are unsleeping, and as soon as it registers, your frame will recuperate. Your middle should be competent to revive to typical additionally, in view that, you are having an alarm response in view that, your mind thinks the nightmare is truthfully taking place, so that you simply have got to hit your relaxation interval while your frame ultimately realizes it was once only a nightmare. It's not anything out of the typical, and take a look at to manage with them, I realize they are able to get scary, I for my part sleep with a night time mild a few night time in view that I get so worried through them.

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    some people belive that your soul can leave your body when you sleep which is called astro-travelling.

    you dont know your doing it and most of the time cant remember.

    your soul can leave your body and go anywhere, even to heaven or wherever you believe in.

    when you wake up breathing heavley your soul has been rushed to re-enter your body as you panicked to wake up.

    Source(s): Spirtial book.
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