How can I improve my vocabulary ?

I want to expand my knowledge and add new words to my vocabulary.

I know that reading helps but I was wondering how it helps. When you read, to remember new words, do you write them down on a list then find their meanings? Or, do they just stick into your memory? How do you learn new words? Apart from reading, how can I effectively improve my vocabulary?

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    Read. Read. Read. Read. Did I mention read? You can also keep a thesaurus and dictionary nearby for when you come across a new word and want to explore it. It really is the best way. If you are reading books that are too easy, try picking up something that is more challenging. You can also try looking at bands who are known for good lyrics. For example, listening to Tool, I've heard and subsequently learned a lot of words that I had never heard before.

    Vicious Vocabulary by Phil Eisenhower is a pretty fun book. He taught inner-city kids how to develop a greater vocabulary by showing them some very brutal words to use with the usual insults they would throw around.

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    Reading is the best way, but a course targeted to vocabulary building can be helpful as well. My girlfriend and I bought this one (,/ and it's very well done. It includes an mp3 guide as well as a booklet of over 150 words that appear often on the SAT. The examples are pretty funny too.

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  • Take note of words people say if you haven't heard them before and ask what they mean. It usually sticks in your mind but most words you heard more often as you get older.

    Or you could read a dictionary. :)


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    Reading actually helps.

    Also don't force yourself to read stuff u'r not interested in. Read something that catches u'r interest, so you won't get bored.

    Reader's Digest is good. It's got interesting stories/facts/great entertainment.

    Watch sensible/good : Drama/Movies/Documentaries, this actually helps you in a small way.

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    a book.'30 days to a more powerfull vocabulary'

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    Besides reading, you can try to watch sensible and smart shows or shows that are related to your interests. Just not the shows that speak and talk about crap.

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    read widely (magazines, non-fiction), watch english tv programmes

    e.g. of words rendezvous, perturb, opulent

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