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Steve Carell(The Office)(Michael)

John Krasinski(The Office)(Jim)

Jenna Fisher(The Office)(Pam)

Rainn Wilson(The Office)(Dwight)

Zack Braff(Scrubs)(J.D.)

Donald Faison(Scrubs)(Turk)

John McGinley(Scrubs)(Dr.Cox)

David Beckham(soccer)

Victoria Beckham(Spice Girl)

Meline Brown(Spice Girl)

Emma Bunton(Spice Girl)

Geri Halliwell(Spice Girl)

Meline Chisholm(Spice Girl)

Zac Efron(HSM)

Ashley Tisdale(HSM)

Monique Coleman(HSM\DWTS)

Corbin Bleu(HSM)

Vanessa Hudgens(HSM)

Lucas Grabeel(HSM)

Joe Jonas(singer)

Kevin Jonas(singer)

Nick Jonas(singer)

Zackary Quinto(Heroes)(Sylar)

Masi Oka(Heroes)(Hiro)

Hayden Panettiere(Heroes)(Claire)

Milo Ventimiglia(Heroes)(Peter)

Jimmy Kimmel(late night host)

Jay Leno(late night host)

David Letterman(late night host)

Cheryl Burke(DWTS)

Karina Smirnoff(DWTS)

Edyta Sliwinska(DWTS)

Maksim Chemerkovskiy(DWTS)

Louis van Amstel(DWTS)

Kym Johnson(DWTS)

Julieanne Hough(DWTS)

Derek Hough(DWTS)

Emmitt Smith(football\DWTS)

Mario Lopez(DWTS)

Apolo Anton Ohno(speed skater\DWTS)

Joey Fatone(NSYNC)

Joey Lawerence(DWTS)

Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana)

Billy Ray Cyrus(Hannah Montana)

Cristian de la Fuente(DWTS)

Jason Taylor(football\DWTS)

Shaquille O'Neal(basketball)

Jesse McCartney(singer)

Dwyane Wade(basketball)

LeBron James(basketball)

Allen Iverson(basketball)

Kobe Bryant(basketball)

America Ferrera(Ugly Betty)(Betty)

Vanessa Willams(Ugly Betty)(Wilhelmina)

Michael Urie(Ugly Betty)(Marc)

Eric Mabius(Ugly Betty)(Daniel)

Becki Newton(Ugly Betty)(Amanda)

Mia Hamm(soccer player)


Justin Timberlake(singer\NSYNC)

Will Ferell(Anchorman\Elf)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Maksim.So glad he'll be back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Steve Carell(The Office)(Michael)8

    John Krasinski(The Office)(Jim)9

    Jenna Fisher(The Office)(Pam)7

    Rainn Wilson(The Office)(Dwight)8

    Zack Braff(Scrubs)(J.D.)7

    Donald Faison(Scrubs)(Turk)7

    John McGinley(Scrubs)(Dr.Cox)8

    David Beckham(soccer)9

    Victoria Beckham(Spice Girl)9

    Meline Brown(Spice Girl)9

    Emma Bunton(Spice Girl)8

    Geri Halliwell(Spice Girl)4

    Meline Chisholm(Spice Girl)3

    Zac Efron(HSM)7

    Ashley Tisdale(HSM)7

    Monique Coleman(HSM\DWTS)7

    Corbin Bleu(HSM)7

    Vanessa Hudgens(HSM)7

    Lucas Grabeel(HSM)7

    Joe Jonas(singer)6

    Kevin Jonas(singer)7

    Nick Jonas(singer)6

    Zackary Quinto(Heroes)(Sylar)9

    Masi Oka(Heroes)(Hiro)6

    Hayden Panettiere(Heroes)(Claire)5

    Milo Ventimiglia(Heroes)(Peter)4

    Jimmy Kimmel(late night host)8

    Jay Leno(late night host)6

    David Letterman(late night host)2

    Cheryl Burke(DWTS)10

    Karina Smirnoff(DWTS)8

    Edyta Sliwinska(DWTS)6

    Maksim Chemerkovskiy(DWTS)8

    Louis van Amstel(DWTS)5

    Kym Johnson(DWTS)4

    Julieanne Hough(DWTS)1

    Derek Hough(DWTS)2

    Emmitt Smith(football\DWTS)5

    Mario Lopez(DWTS)4

    Apolo Anton Ohno(speed skater\DWTS)5

    Joey Fatone(NSYNC)7

    Joey Lawerence(DWTS)4

    Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana)0

    Billy Ray Cyrus(Hannah Montana)6

    Cristian de la Fuente(DWTS)9

    Jason Taylor(football\DWTS)5

    Shaquille O'Neal(basketball)6

    Jesse McCartney(singer)7

    Dwyane Wade(basketball)5

    LeBron James(basketball)6

    Allen Iverson(basketball)2

    Kobe Bryant(basketball)2

    America Ferrera(Ugly Betty)(Betty)5

    Vanessa Willams(Ugly Betty)(Wilhelmina)10 SHE'S THE BEST!

    Michael Urie(Ugly Betty)(Marc)9

    Eric Mabius(Ugly Betty)(Daniel)6

    Becki Newton(Ugly Betty)(Amanda)8

    Mia Hamm(soccer player)7

    Justin Timberlake(singer\NSYNC)7

    Will Ferell(Anchorman\Elf)6

  • 4 years ago

    Selena Gomez Lindsay Lohan Lady Gaga Mariah Carey Justin Bieber Nicki Minaj Jaden Smith Lil Bow Wow Rebecca Black Shakira Paris Hilton Katy Perry Corbin Bleu Ashley Tisdale Madison Pettis Demi Lovato Raven Symone Usher

  • 1 decade ago

    Steve Carell

    John Krasinski

    Julianne Hough

    Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    Mia Hamm


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  • Miss
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    i rated them not on looks

    Steve Carell(The Office)(Michael) 9

    John Krasinski(The Office)(Jim) 9

    Jenna Fisher(The Office)(Pam) 9

    Rainn Wilson(The Office)(Dwight) 9

    Zack Braff(Scrubs)(J.D.) 7

    Donald Faison(Scrubs)(Turk) 7

    John McGinley(Scrubs)(Dr.Cox) 5

    David Beckham(soccer) 7

    Victoria Beckham(Spice Girl) 7

    Meline Brown(Spice Girl) 7

    Emma Bunton(Spice Girl) don't know

    Geri Halliwell(Spice Girl) don't know

    Meline Chisholm(Spice Girl) don't know

    Zac Efron(HSM) 4

    Ashley Tisdale(HSM) 6

    Monique Coleman(HSM\DWTS) 6

    Corbin Bleu(HSM) 4

    Vanessa Hudgens(HSM) 5

    Lucas Grabeel(HSM) 4

    Joe Jonas(singer) 0

    Kevin Jonas(singer) 0

    Nick Jonas(singer) 0

    Zackary Quinto(Heroes)(Sylar) don't know

    Masi Oka(Heroes)(Hiro) 6

    Hayden Panettiere(Heroes)(Claire) 6

    Milo Ventimiglia(Heroes)(Peter) 5

    Jimmy Kimmel(late night host) don't know

    Jay Leno(late night host) 7

    David Letterman(late night host) 5

    Cheryl Burke(DWTS) 8

    Karina Smirnoff(DWTS) 6

    Edyta Sliwinska(DWTS) 7

    Maksim Chemerkovskiy(DWTS) 7

    Louis van Amstel(DWTS) 6

    Kym Johnson(DWTS) 6

    Julieanne Hough(DWTS) 8

    Derek Hough(DWTS) 7

    Emmitt Smith(football\DWTS) 7

    Mario Lopez(DWTS) 5

    Apolo Anton Ohno(speed skater\DWTS) 6

    Joey Fatone(NSYNC) 5

    Joey Lawerence(DWTS) 5

    Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana) 0

    Billy Ray Cyrus(Hannah Montana) 0

    Cristian de la Fuente(DWTS) 4

    Jason Taylor(football\DWTS) 6

    Shaquille O'Neal(basketball) 5

    Jesse McCartney(singer) 0

    Dwyane Wade(basketball) 4

    LeBron James(basketball) 5

    Allen Iverson(basketball) 6

    Kobe Bryant(basketball) 6

    America Ferrera(Ugly Betty)(Betty) 7

    Vanessa Willams(Ugly Betty)(Wilhelmina) 6

    Michael Urie(Ugly Betty)(Marc) 7

    Eric Mabius(Ugly Betty)(Daniel) 7

    Becki Newton(Ugly Betty)(Amanda) 7

    Mia Hamm(soccer player) i don't know

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jay Leno and Steve Carell

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia.

  • 1 decade ago

    David Letterman

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    David Becham

  • johnny
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I like the casts of scrubs and the office, Jay Leno, Alan Iverson, and Masi Oka.

  • Wheres Kim Karashadin?

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