Telecommunications Deregulation?

I have been searching the net for companies that exist directly because of the 1996 or 2005 Telecommunications Deregulation Acts and haven't been able to turn up anything yet! Anybody have some suggestions?


... nobody huh?

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    Companies that were created out of the 1996 act were originally called CAPs (Competitive Access Providers) but are now more commonly known as CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers). Below is an article link on the subject. It's from 1999, but gives a good history on the development.

    A research firm that has covered those kinds of telecom providers is NPRG. They publish a report every year and usually list the CLECs in their table of contents and older lists can be found floating around the web if you can't find it on their website directly.

    The FCC also produces a directory of telecom service providers, but their web site isn't very intuitive. Below is a link to them and you're looking for "To search for the most current telephone numbers, addresses, and other information for specific carriers, click here." It's near the top of the page. From there you'll want to choose the CAP/CLEC option and then be patient.

    Between the dot com bubble bursting in 2000 (I think it was) and a lot of mergers and acquisitions very few CLECs remained as they were when their company started. Link #3 might help. It's from 2007. Also, many incumbent telephone service providers were granted CLEC status as well. Of the 1,100 or so traditional telephone companies, I would guess that half also operate as CLECs.

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