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How to tell your family about your obsession?

Okay - I'm obsessed with serial killers.

I love everything about them. Their crimes, their psyche, why they did what they did etc.

My family doesn't know about my obsession and it's becoming a large part of my life. I'd like to be able to share stories with them but I'm afraid they'll think I need some sort of help.

I really want to buy some books on their lives and crimes, but once again I'm terrified they'll think I'm some sicko.

Any suggestions on how to break it to them gently?

Let them know this is what I'm interested in and buying media on them is something I long to do?

Odd question - I know.

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    As long as your not obsessed with being a serial killer...we are "A" Ok.

    Lol...just kinda kidding here....so dont be mad at me..K?

    I like to joke alot.

    Honestly, alot of writers who write books and movies on killings, are obsessed with serial killers...so they take there obsession and turn it into a story..Alot of them are now millionaires because of it.

    Just let your family know, your interested in the forensic side of it..Like the FBI part, of solving the crime. ya know what i mean?

    Some of it is very interesting, sometimes I watch shows on it, just because I cant believe some things that have happened out there in the world.

    Just talk to them, and let them know, you are not one, you are just interested.

    Its all gonna be ok..

    Good Luck...

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    Tell them you are interested in criminal psychology and that is what you want to do and you want to be able to help people.

    That will give you a valid reason for purchasing the materials mentioned. Goodluck - there is nothing wrong with it. My mum and sister are always watching the crime channel on FOX and are obsessed with stuff like that - different things fascinate different people!

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    I don't think that is something to be worried about----so what.....You like interesting stories,it's not like you have an evil mind

    become a detective,it seems you might be made for that field

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    Not odd. You're just interested in criminal psychology. What's so odd?

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    you should become a cop or something if you are interested in it. i think its fine unless you start thinking like them.

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