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How should I workout to achieve thinner legs?

I recently got a membership to my local YMCA and on Sunday I went and spent about an hour and a half working out between the treadmill and the stationary bike. I'm going to go tomorrow too, but I don't want to continue doing the same work out if it's not going to achieve the results I'm looking for.

On the treadmill, I went about 5 - 5.5 mph, with 3 mph cool down periods when I needed them. On the bike, I went a little slower than the fastest I could have gone. While this burned enough calories for me to know I was getting a good workout, I'm still not sure how the results will look. (As of right now I have a BMI of about 19.6)

So, does anybody know what machines I should use to achieve thinner legs? There are a lot of different ones available for me to use at the YMCA. And how should I use these machines? If I should be using the treadmill to reach my goal, how fast should I go, at what incline, and for how long? I've heard that the elliptical trainer can help someone get thinner legs. How does that work, and for how long at what resistance will help that along?

Also, right now I'm still experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness. I still plan on working out tomorrow, but is there anyway to relieve the pain just for the time that I'll be working out? Any help is much appreciated.

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    The only way to achieve thinner legs is a combination of losing body fat, and developing "leaner" muscles instead of "powerful" muscles. For losing fat, keep in mind that you must activate the largest muscles in the body and maintain an "intense" workout. Therefore, cardio exercises that utilize the legs (quadriceps on the front of your thighs), will burn the most fat. But remember, if losing fat means using the largest muscle groups, how about if you exercise using ALL the muscle groups? Thus, swimming would be THE BEST exercise you could do to lose body fat, because you not only use the legs, but you use ALL your body parts and other major parts like your chest and arms. So when you can, try incorporating swimming into your daily routine.

    Now you might be thinking (if i use my legs, i'm going to get huge!). Not quite. Now, you incorporate exercises that utilize a full range of motion in using your legs. So toning exercises like Pilates with your legs and abs will give you long, lean muscles.

    Thus, combine swimming, and Pilates with your legs, and you should get a more rapid development of thinner legs.

    As for delayed onset muscle soreness, I would recommend NOT taking drugs like Tylenol or Advil to relieve the pain. Because taking drugs like that will only hide the problem. You're body is telling you you're injured, and you want to hide and continue working out? You'll do more damage than good. Try to aim for an intense workout, followed by one day rest, and then continue the intense workout the day after. At least for the first few months, limiting damage is what you want to do. As your muscles get stronger and more used to working out, then you can workout longer and more often.

    Good luck!

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    You can't lose weight in a specific area, but working out your legs will definitely tone them.

    Motrin or Tylenol might help for the pain.

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