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AP Biology Question?PLZ HELP? 10 easy points?

An ecologist recorded 12 white-tailed deer, odocoileus virginiams, per square mile in one woodlot and 20 per square mile on another woodlot. What was the ecologist comparing?

A. Density

B. Dispersion

C. Carrying Capacity

D. Quadrats

E. Range

Plz answer and give me a reason and i will be glad to give you best answer =D

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    I would say that the answer is A) density because population density has to do with the number of individuals per unit area while dispersion has to do with the pattern of spacing of the individuals (whether they are evenly spaced, randomly spaced or "clumped".) This question is comparing the number of deer that were counted in two equally sized areas; it doesn't mention their spacing.

    Carrying capacity is defined as the maximum stable population size that the particular environment can support... so that answer doesn't fit, neither does quadrat. Density and dispersion are the closest two terms - but for this question you are definitely looking for density.

    This is a lengthy but informative article:

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    a. a salt marsh Edit- i'm changing my answer to an open ocean. you need to component in all the miles of NO existence till you get to the backside which ought to make the widespread volume of sea existence in step with sq. meter very low

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