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why did mccain vote against the GI bill and VA funding?

obama voted for go bill and va funding, that is supporting the troops.

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    The bill, which was co-authored by veteran and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel and veteran, former Secretary of the Navy and Democratic Senator Jim Webb, would have increased the educational benefits available to GI's upon leaving the service. John McCain decided that the benefits were 'too generous' and that they would cause people to leave the service instead of enticing more to join. Republican Senator and former Secretary of the Navy John Warner said that was nonsense and he also supported the bill. McCain then used the excuse that 'pork' was attached to the bill after his own amendment cutting back the increase in benefits failed. He then attended a fundraiser instead of showing up to vote up or down on the final bill. Yeah, that was gutsy eh? :) See article linked below.

    To those that are saying that 'pork' was added to the bill: BS, I defy any one of you drones to specify the pork and provide a cite. I won't hold my breath :)

    Not only did McCain not support the bill and not show up to vote on it, he then talked about the bill after it passed at a Town Hall meeting as if he had a hand in passing the legislation. Talk about lying and distorting. See raw story video linked below of McCain at the town hall.

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    The new GI Bill is not ready. If a service member signs up for the new plan, they have to drop the old one. But they will have NO coverage until 2010 when the new Bill should be ready for use.

    GI's want to be able to give their GI benefit to their families if they do not use it. The new GI Bill still does not take that into account.

    The cost for the old GI bill is $1200, that comes out of their pay during the first year of service. The new GI was to cost more.

    When the vote for the new GI Bill came across, there were other bills attached that would have taken money away from defense spending when the additional bills had nothing to do with defense spending.

    McCain supports the troops. More so then Obama.

    Source(s): Article in the Army Times and Stars and Stripes on the new GI Bill telling service members not to stop the old one yet, the new one's not ready.
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    My Father is a Vietnam Veteran who suffered extensive injury to his left leg. It became almost blown off under the knee. It became waiting to be saved in spite of the undeniable fact that it truly is nevertheless extraordinarily grotesque looking sight. He has tocontinual almost 2 hours to the VA with the aid of fact it truly is the only medical institution this is the closest to the place he lives. He additionally is going to the VA approximately 3-4 cases a three hundred and sixty 5 days with the aid of fact of tumors that shop reoccurring on his hands and bigger physique. VA says it has to do with the agent orange. not something has became up cancerous yet he does have them bumped off rather immediately. 2 VA hospitals that have been closer have closed over the years. He additionally suggested it truly is confusing to get an appointment on the only he now is going to with the aid of fact it is so over crowded with the aid of it being the only one interior a midway close radius to the place somewhat some people stay. My father is vote casting for Obama. i needed to function, isn't it humorous that Presidents will nevertheless get advantages for something of their lives while they have taken workplace? (additionally while they have left workplace.) additionally domicile and senate contributors are allowed to the two get or purchase right into most of the main suitable and maximum extensive coverage? yet some people only sh/it everywhere in the Veterans? Veterans could have the main suitable help and coverage for something of their lives in case you question me. They sacrificed their lives, their bodies, and alot sacrificed their psychological wellbeing too. attempt chatting with a Veteran, maximum nevertheless can not even communicate with regard to the failings they went via or the failings they observed.

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    Actually McCain voted against the Senates version of the GI Bill.

    Because it did not include a provision, to allow members of the military, to transfer their GI Bill benefits to family members.

    You did notice, that the provision to allow the transfer, was included in the Conference committee final bill that was passed by the house and senate and signed by the president.

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    This is not a "cons" question.

    The original bill gave a free education ($80,000.00) to someone that only served 3 active years.

    McCain thought that would have a lot of people quitting in 3 years.

    We need senior soldiers too. He wanted to have the same "free" benefits, but just for someone that was willing to serve longer.

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    Even though he's a veteran he was trying to make a stand about pork. Unfortunately other bills with pork he signed. It was a ploy for his election as a conservative spender when in all actuality it's because he has wonderful insurance and a terribly rich wife who could provide him with the best in healthcare. John McCain is a traitor to his brothers in arms.

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    McCain voted no for the bills because they were loaded with pork projects.

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    pork added to it that had nothing to do with funding the troops but democratic earmarks.that is why.next! take 10 minutes to read the bill.then look at the last minute changes added by democrats that has nothing to do with helping them,because they care so much.that is why obama voted against funding them in a time of war.now that is national security.

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    If you would research the particular bill - you would notice that it presented many aspects that would cost to much money - limit the amount of troops that we have, limit their fighting capabilities in other countries and the hidden aspect- it would defund the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    common sense my frien - you only have to read the stuff

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    If I'm not mistaken, it was because the bill of full of wasted spending...ear-marks...pet projects those in DC have to waste our tax dollars.

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