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Has John Edwards forgot or did he really not care?

Now that John Edwards is no longer running why does he no longer talk about the 150,000 homeless vets he used to harp on?



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    That is because John Edwards is a phony. He has never been able to present the facts of this many homeless vets in America. He made a campaign issue out of an important issue but he never had any plan to follow through.

    The Veteran's Commission did a long and extensive study on this subject sparked by the argument between him and Bill O'Reily went he was called on the facts. John even had to help of NBC and David Letterman to prove the problem existed.

    Together all 3 produced 18 homeless veterans to meet with Bill O'Reily at for. Of course they came unannounced and during the scheduled taping of the show so the set was locked down.

    NBC had its cameras rolling and the set up a protest with the 18 homeless veterans. Once the taping was completed Bill and Fox invited them in. (NBC and David Letterman forgot to tell its viewers about that part)

    As it turned out, every one of the homeless protesters were from a veteran's shelter (meaning they were already getting help) and every one was paid by NBC fir the protest.

    Bill O'Reily and Fox put their money where their mouth is. They did not just donate money to the cause, but they set up and on going organization (that works with the Veteran's Administration) raising money to help them build and maintain more shelters.

    NBC, David Letterman and John Edwards no longer talk about the homeless veteran.


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    So you are following that. How can that be important when the ecomony is about done. It's Titanic out there.

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