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You've just met a person who has never of your favorite band...?

Which ten songs by your favorite band do you play for this hypothetical person to introduce them...?



"Everything in its Right Place"



"Karma Police"

"The National Anthem"


"Paranoid Android"

"Pyramid Song"

"Street Spirit (Fade Out)"

"There There"

Update 2:

WHOOPS! Definitely supposed to be a "heard" in the title. Damn it. lol

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    Okay well it really depends on the person. Someone who like rock music, I'd probably start them out with a fast-paced, heavier song. Someone who isn't really into rock I'd start them out with a slower, softer song. Plus someone who thinks anything remotely dark is emo would rather listen to a song like "Amaranth" instead of, say, "End of All Hope". But, here's a general list, in no particular order.

    1. "Nemo"

    Reason: This was my very first Nightwish song, and it's still a favorite. It's just a great introductory song.

    2. "Planet Hell"

    Reason: The beginning of this song just raises goosebumps, and it just gets better from there.

    3. "The Islander"

    Reason: It's quite different from their normal stuff. It's more folkish and sad. Not to mention it's mostly Marco singing, which is rare .... usually it's a female singing.

    4. "Ghost Love Score"

    Reason: This may be one of my favorite NW songs. It flows so well and so beautifully, and Tarja's voice just breaks my heart in some parts.

    5. "Slaying the Dreamer"

    Reason: Always good for a rock or metal fan. The best part is halfway through.

    6. "Wishmaster"

    Reason: This song just screams NIGHTWISH! to me. The music, the vocals, the lyrics ..... it all ties together.

    7. "Sleeping Sun"

    Reason: A sad-yet-soothing slow song .... it's lovely.

    8. "Angels Fall First"

    Reason: Gotta throw a song in from the album with the same name, because their music changed a whole lot after this. Great lyrics in this one.

    9. "The Poet and The Pendulum"

    Reason: I haven't given Anette fair coverage, and this is an epic song.

    10. "The Siren"

    Reason: Because I told you so. *wonders if anyone will get this far*


    Also I'd like to toss out a few Within Temptation songs. Everyone listens to "What Have You Done" or "Frozen" and goes "Eh." but they've got way better stuff.

    1. "Mother Earth" (and listening to 30 seconds does not count.) - I love this song, and Sharon sings it so well.

    2. "Deceiver of Fools"

    3. "See Who I Am"

    4. "Hand of Sorrow"

    5. "Running Up That Hill" (as much as I like Kate Bush, I prefer WT's cover)

    And just to be silly, "Gothic Christmas". I swear, that song cracks me up every time.

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    Led Zeppelin

    - Black Dog

    - Whole Lotta Love

    - Houses of the Holy

    - Misty Mountain Hop

    - Rock and Roll

    - Stairway to Heaven

    - Immigrant Song

    - Heartbreaker

    - Kashmir

    - What is and What Should Never Be

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    1. Sweat

    2. Sober

    3. Vicarious

    4. Lateralus

    5. Third Eye

    6. Fortysix & Two

    7. The Grudge

    8. Rosetta Stoned

    9. Pushit

    10. The Pot

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    Black Diamond


    Cold Gin

    Hotter Than Hell

    Rock And Roll All Nite


    Detroit Rock City

    God Of Thunder

    King Of The Night World

    Flaming Youth


    Shout It Out Loud

    Love Gun

    Shock Me

    Tomorrow And Tonight

    Sure Know Something

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    Saves the Day:

    - Jodie

    - Always Ten Feet Tall

    - Shoulder to the Wheel

    - Through Being Cool

    - Cars and Calories

    - At Your Funeral

    - In Reverie

    - Dying Day

    - Head For the Hills

    - Can't Stay the Same

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    I wanna be Your Lover


    Do me baby


    Let's Pretend We're Married

    When Doves Cry

    purple rain

    Erotic City

    U Got The Look

    Sign Of the Times

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    Fleetwood Mac :~

    {very difficult to limit 41 years and 17+ albums to just 10 songs...}

    The Chain



    Second Hand News

    I Loved Another Woman

    Oh Well



    You Make Loving Fun

    Man of the World

    This is so hard, as I feel the need to also include :~

    Fleetwood Mac



    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jethro Tull :~

    The Witch's Promise

    Alive and Well and Living In

    Mother Goose

    Rainbow Blues

    Dark Ages


    Velvet Green

    The Minstrel in the Gallery


    Wounded, Old and Treacherous

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    I'd have to agree with you, except I'd play Paranoid Android, Karma Police, The National Anthem, and 2+2=5 first, but my list would pretty much be the same as yours.

    Yay for my super creativity.

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    "I Got You (At The End of The Century)"

    "Box Full of Letters"



    "When You Wake Up Feeling Old"

    "Heavy Metal Drummer"

    "Someday Soon"

    "Handshake Drugs"

    "Casino Queen"

    "Impossible Germany"

  • Anonymous
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    Plug-in Baby

    New Born


    Butterflies & Hurricanes

    Knights of Cydonia

    Stockholm Syndrome


    Muscle Museum

    Citizen Erased

    Time is running out

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