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son 3 yrs old as of aug 8, 2008 trained to potty, but refuses to make #2 on

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    This is totally normal for boys. Sometimes an irrational fear develops and can be difficult to overcome. My sons loved to use the real toilet. I researched and found a very safe and very sturdy stool with sides for the toilet so they could hold on the entire time.

    My sons could climb right up on their own and they became completely independent which helped me. This stool made all the difference for them and was well worth it. I put toilet paper over the water to stop splashes and #2 was not an issue. Just a case of "doing it all by myself." Hope this helps.

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    this is a tough one. its probably because he doesn't feel comfortable sitting on the potty as he does sitting on the floor or wherever as he goes in his diaper. it may be the gaping hole he has to straddle makes him feel vulnerable to falling or something. Buy a new toy that you know he would love to have and put it up on a shelf in the bathroom. Tell him that if he learns to poop in the potty, then he can have the toy. maybe make a little chart that you can put a sticker on each time he goes and after about 10 times you will give him the toy.

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    i have the same problem with my daughter cause she is always constipated..if ur son is not..u should try dofferent tricks like u did with the pepe part..tell them that his ull up or panies are nice and u shouldnt make them him a story while he is on the potty.

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    So he isn't potty trained yet.

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