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NFC East VS AFC South?

The NFC East have 3 teams in the top 6 in the Power Rankings

Espn Power Rankings

1.Cowboys - NFC EAST




5.Giants- NFC EAST

6.Philly - NFC EAST


NFC East also have the most Super Bowls

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    its tough to say who's really got the tougher division. when both are fully healthy i wanna say the east is better but the south is much more consistent. i think the giants are overrated right now. they lost so much on the defense and the game against the redskins, they beat them just like everyone beats the redskins. there offense shut down after there first drive and the redskins offense was performing as it should. the redskins are young and inexperienced. until the giants hit week 6 or 7 i dont think anyone can say where they belong. the cowboys and eagles look good and should make runs for the superbowl. the colts and jags just need to find a rhythm, and they will, and they will make a run for the superbowl. the titans with young are clearly better, but losing him brings them down a peg.

    so right now i will say the east is better but the south isn't to far behind.

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    NFC EAST The Beast

    Cowgirls are over rated

    13 Pro Bowlers and a QB that doesn't want to get past Game 1 in the playoffs the both times he's been to the dance. You'll wait another 11 years.

    Philly beware!

    The last time you blew a team out you got blown out the following week.

    The Lombardi Trophy stays in the NFC East, north of the Mason Dixon line

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    The East is where it's at. They have 2 superbowl contenders in the Eagles and the Cowboys, with the Giants potentially going to the playoffs. The South really only has 2 teams that can potentially go to the playoffs in the Colts and the Jags.

    p.s.(don't worry AMANDA, we'll end that little problem this year you big meanie!! lol)


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  • ny21tb
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    NFC EAST, easily.

    as for johnnyamerica76 assertion that, the GIANTS, are not consistant, I would ask Him to compare their playoff records, to those of the COWBOYS and, EAGLES, since 1996........

    Apology Accepted.

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    The NFC East are definitlay are the hardest and better Division of the NFL.

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    nfc east by far.

    they have the superbowl champs(giants), the best team in the nfl (cowboys) and the redskins (playoff team last year) and did you watch philly play on sunday.

    Best division in football

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    Too bad the Eagles cant hold up their end of the stick by having a SB win...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its just week 1, give it a couple of weeks

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