where is chat rooms in the yahoo?

i can not found chat rooms in the messenger?

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    1 decade ago
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    To be sure to find Yahoo Chat in Yahoo messenger you need a version that is recent like version 8.

    The vista version of Yahoo messenger does not have chat rooms. If you have windows vista and want to enter the chat rooms you need to use the version 8 instead. I don't recommend the latest version 9 because it's still in Beta but it does support chat rooms as well.

    If you have version 8, go in the menu find " Messenger>Yahoo! Chat>Join a Room " , that's where the entry to the chat rooms are, pretty well hidden!

    Good luck. See my source for more information on accessing Yahoo chat rooms.

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    You must be 18 years old and older to be able to enter Yahoo Chatrooms.

    Here’s how to chat in Yahoo chatrooms

    If you have Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer, from the Messenger menu near the top, select Yahoo! Chat and Join a Room.

    Pick the Yahoo! ID you want to display in the chat room* and then select the room you want to join.

    Click ‘Regional’ to take you to different countries. Or, you can browse by category to bring up the room you want to enter.

    Click the Go to Room button near the bottom of the window.

    When the chatroom window opens, you will find that your id and Yahoo Adminstrator are the only ones in the list of chatters.

    You need to undergo a verification process EACH TIME you want to join Yahoo chatrooms.

    This has been setup by Yahoo to prevent automated bots and spammers to give us all REAL people enjoyment in chatting.

    When you join a chatroom a chatroom window will open with the following message --

    ( To help prevent spam and bots from disrupting your Yahoo! chat experience, please click here to verify your account (this link will open a new web browser window). This step is required before you can begin chatting.

    Underneath this message is the Captcha. (blue link) that you need to click ONCE.

    When a new web browser opens, the following message appears -

    "To join the chatroom please complete the following verification." and "Please enter the characters shown above"

    Type in the characters in the box and then click submit.

    When you have copied the characters correctly, a new web browser opens to congratulate you. Close the web browser. Click on the link to see what I am saying.


    After a few seconds the chatroom window will open up.

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