can anyone give me a walthrough for poptropica spy island

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    Yes! Finally A walkthrough! Ok anyways, here:

    1. get off the airship

    2. go to the hq

    3. talk to the person at the very top of the levels

    4. he’ll give you a decoder to work out clues

    5. go around the island and find spies waiting for you for clues

    6. go to the eye place

    7. take an eye exam and answer opposites (for ex., E = Flipped E

    8. the eye doctor will let you into the top room

    9. get the invisibility suit

    10. got to the docks and get past the guards

    11. go inside

    12. get past the dogs

    13. avoid the other guard and just jump your way to the kidnapped agent

    14. he’ll give you a pen

    15. go outside

    16. go to the food place at the right right

    17. enter and go to the kitchen

    18. play the memory game and get the chef hat

    19. get the B.A.D. agent’s glass

    20. jump on top of the pantry and lamps to get out without filling the glass

    21. ignore the monkey place

    22. go to the right again

    23. hop onto the brick building and avoid the shocks

    24. melt the jail like bars with your pen

    25. rescue the agent inside and retrieve the bowtie and clues

    26. go to the really tall place and using the bowtie go to the roof top (sorry no detail)

    27. go inside the plant place you’ll need your invisibility suit

    28. get the cherry bomb whatever and bounce it to the prisoner in the cage

    29. retrieve more clues from her

    30. go back down

    31. go to the do not enter place (B.A.D. hq)

    32. put on your goggles and navigate your way to the top of the building thingymerjig

    33. click on the thumb scan and scan the glass

    34. enter and click on the machinery

    35. you’ll get trapped! (NOOOO)

    36. Dr.D frees you

    37. type Laser hair removal into the passcode thing

    38. go into the teleporter

    39. yea, Dr. D’s the evil one.

    40. go to the little orbs of yellow and let the mini robots explode with them

    41. after Dr. D gets mad, use your bowtie and aim for the ceiling.

    42. yea, you’ll get bald. But your hair comes back later.

    43. after his machine cracks, yay! You saved the day.

    44. yay!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    First you go to the spy wear shop and ask to take the eye exam. Click on the letter OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the one he points to. Then he will tell to to go upstairs and tell you about his latest invention the camouflage suit that makes you camouflaged when you are not moving. The go to the door on the roof at the docks. At the bottom the spy will be trapped. Climb up and fall into the room he is trapped in. He will give you some information and a laser pen. Now go to the top of the building at the area before the lasers. Watch out for the shocks of the light. At the top use the laser pen and melt the bars. Be careful of the dogs they will bite you. At the bottom the spy will be tied up. Then You will get the grappling bow tie from him. use it to swing to the next building at the building go to the green house. Go all the way to the right and there will be a cheery bomb tree. Push the bomb onto the flower it will bounce then push it off the ledge and it will bounce higher. Then jump onto the place where the bomb is and push it to the cage and wait for it to explode. She will give you laser glasses. Put them on and go to the toupee. At the control center you will get trapped in a cage. Dr. D will let you out. Enter the password laser the push enter. then enter the password hair and push enter. Then enter the pass word removal. Then mini bots will attack you in the portal run to the yellow balls on all the corners of the room and have the robots blow up. The when you have destroyed all the balls get as close to the celling as you can. HE will run into it and be destroyed. CONGRAGOLATIONS!!! You will win and island medalion and will beat spy island.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    srry i would help but i cant

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