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Spy island poptropica help?

can someone plz give me a walkthrough for spy island on poptropica? I'm done most of it but I need some help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Poptropica Spy Island Walkthrough =D

    Go into headquarters and talk to Director D and get the decoder kit from him

    Get out and jump to the top of the building. There will be a guy there.

    Talk to him and He’ll give you a message with a code that says, when Dr. Spyglass points to a symbol, choose the one that faces in the… OPPOSITE DIRECTION

    Go to the eye doctor and ask for an eye exam and do what the message says.

    He will say “I see that Director D has sent you. Meet me upstairs.”

    Get out of the room and climb the ladder to the left and enter the door.

    Talk to doctor Spyglass and he will give you a chameleon suit which makes you invisible when your not moving.

    Get out of the room and go to the Docks. Talk to the guy in the trashcan.

    He will give you a message that says, There’s a secret entrance to the warehouse ON THE ROOF.

    Climb as high as you can there and watch out for the guards because they can see you when you move. You’ll find a door. Go in and continue. Careful for the dogs. They’ll bit you. Then there is a room you can go in. There is a tied up spy there. Click on him and he’ll give you a laser pen and a satellite clue.

    Now get out of the warehouse and go back to Main street. Then go all the way to the right and go to Balding Avenue. If you continue to the right you will see a guy in camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you a message that says, there’s a top B.A.D. agent in Bistro. To access the B.A.D. control center you’ll need his FINGERPRINT.

    Keep going right until you get to a place called B.A.D. Bistro. Take off your suit and go in. Go all the way to the right to the kitchen and talk to the chef. Ask to apply for the job and he will tell you that you need to pass a test. It’s simply a game of simon says. If you win the game then he’ll give you a chef’s hat. Then you go to the table with people at it and click on the guy with the mustache. He’ll ask you to fill up his glass. You’ll get the glass with his fingerprint on it.

    Go back into the kitchen and jump on the fridge then jump on the shelf and there will be an opening above you. Go through it and jump from lamp to lamp till you get to the wall. Then fall to the ground and get out of the room. Go right and you’ll see another guy in camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you a secret letter. That you must decode. It looks like a bunch of random words. That’s because… it is!! All you need to do is read the first letter of every line and it reads DON’T TRUST DIRECTOR D.

    Now continue right and go to Toupee Terrace. Now you have to carefully get to the top of the house without getting zapped. It may seem hard at first but Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. When you get to the top you’ll find a window with bars in front of it. Get infront of the window and it will show a close up of the window. Your mouse is now the laser pen. Click on the bars to cut through them. Then you’ll be able to get in.

    There is another secret agent tied up there. Free him and he’ll give you a grappling bowtie and another satellite clue. Put on the bowtie and your chameleon suit.

    Get out and go back to Balding Ave. Now go as high as you can using the grappling bowtie. (To use the grappling bowtie just click on the bowtie on the bottom left and click which way you want to go.)

    Go to the rooftops. Use your grappling bowtie to try to grab another platform. Carefull, there’s a guard there. Now use your grappling bowtie to try to grab another platform or antenna at the top left. Talk to the guy there. Now aim your bowtie to the far right and try to grab another antenna. When you swing over there and are directly above the building click again (at the top of the screen) so that they let go of the rope. Otherwise they will swing back.

    Then enter the tube thing. You are now in a greenhouse. TAKE OFF YOUR BOWTIE!! It will make this harder.

    Go to the far right and you will see a cherry bomb tree. Click on the cherry bomb and go the right of it.

    Now push it to the flower thing on the ground and it will bounce it to a higher floor. Get on that floor and push it to the left till it falls on the lower platform.

    Push it onto the other bouncy flower thing and it will go to a higher platform.

    Go to that platform, (WATCH OUT FOR THE FLYTRAP. IT WILL THROW YOU OFF!!) and finally it to the cage with the girl trapped in it.

    Now wait till it blows up and the girl is free. She will give you ultra vision goggles and the third satellite clue.

    Now get out of there and go back to Toupee Terrace. Go all the way to the right until you get the B.A.D. control center. Now put on your goggles. Now get past the lasers. When you get to the rocks, jump higher and past more lasers. Then you’ll find a door. Click it and use the fingerprint on the glass to unlock it. Jump on the platforms until you get to a big computer. Click on one of the control things on the sides. You’ll get trapped in a cage.Dr.D will come over and let out and tell you to fix the transporter th

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  • 4 years ago

    August 24, 2008

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