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cheap airline tickets?

i am in desperate need of really cheap airline tickets. in can anyone tell me where to look. i need 5 tickets to fly from san jose ca. to san antonio tx.

and this is for oct 5 the and come back the 11 of oct. i need help fast and soon. where can i get cheap tickets? and i mean really cheap. like under $100.


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    Try to get cheap airline tickets at

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      Buy Cheap American Airlines tickets at  :

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    Cheap Airline Tickets

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    This Site Might Help You.


    cheap airline tickets?

    i am in desperate need of really cheap airline tickets. in can anyone tell me where to look. i need 5 tickets to fly from san jose ca. to san antonio tx.

    and this is for oct 5 the and come back the 11 of oct. i need help fast and soon. where can i get cheap tickets? and i mean really cheap....

    Source(s): cheap airline tickets:
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    Depending on the airline, you would, as Diana mentions, have to go through the airlines themselves; your best bet may be, as Southwest Airlines has operations at both airports. However, one thing I should tell you is that you would have to change planes at what is called a "Focus Airport", which is Southwest's version of a hub airport. To the best of my knowledge, Southwest does not have non-stop flights between San Antonio and San Jose.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Depends on where you are going. I recommend trying the mainstream sites like orbitz, expedia, and cheaptickets to get an idea what the average price is. Try looking at ALL the airports you would be comfortable driving to, a little extra driving could save $200! If you're traveling overseas or across country, I also check at local travel agencies. I got my Japan flights for $500 cheaper at an agent than I could find on any site. Like I said, it depends, but this is a basic set up for what I recommend. :)

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    I doubt you can get tickets for under $100. Even when airlines such as Delta have specials, it is at least $100 each way. As someone else mentioned, your best bet is probably You can also check out

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